What are the STI test options in East Grayson,TX?

Grayson County has a higher crime rate than 87% of the other towns and cities in Texas – with a disproportionately high incidence in the East. This coincides with a sharp increase in the reported numbers of STDs in the area, all of which county data suggests are on the rise. Gonnorhea cases more than doubled in Grayson County in the seven years between 2010 and 2017, going from 81 to 196.

Statistics show that the county has had fluctuating success rates in tackling its problem with Syphilis. As of 2017 the recorded number of people in the county is 10, which is the same as it was in 2010. Unfortunately, this figure is an increase from the two previous years.

Grayson County has 189 people living with HIV – compared to other cities in Texas, this is not one of the highest. At 5.3 cases of AIDS per 100,000 people, the county ranks 18th in Texas for the highest rate per capita

In East Grayson there is a growing problem with sexually transmitted diseases across all age groups.

In order to get an appointment with minimal fuss, you may need to use public transport or drive to Sherman. The Aids Resource Center on Sunset Boulevard is a specialist clinic with all the necessary expertise to help with any sexual health issue.

There is also the Callie Clinic in Sherman – they offer support for life to the community of East Grayson. They accept most insurances and have many options for enhanced confidentiality.

There are a couple of options near Whitesboro that offer free STD testing, however these are usually just free initial consultations. Clinics often go on to charge extortionate prices for follow-up care.