What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Cibolo,TX?

Cibolo, TX, is a city located in parts of Guadalupe and Bexar counties, that’s enduring a serious STD outbreak.  

Guadalupe County reported 313 chlamydia cases in 2014 and 340 new infections in 2017. In 2014, Bexar County had 11,127 chlamydia diagnoses, and in 2017, it listed 12,475 new cases. 

In 2014, there were 82 gonorrhea diagnoses in Guadalupe, and three years later, it had 99 new infections. Also in 2014, Bexar County reported 3,117 cases, and in 2017, it had 4,357.

All syphilis cases are increasing. Guadalupe County recorded 25 diagnoses in 2014, and two years later in 2016, it went up to 28 new ones. Bexar County had 897 infections, and in 2017, it reported 1,293 cases.

County health officials in Guadalupe and Bexar are concerned about the increasing STD rates and are urging all persons that are sexually active to solicit regular STI screenings.  

Cibolo has over a dozen health centers that provide comprehensive STD testing. Many of these sites offer treatment and aftercare. 

The Planned Parenthood of South Texas provides STI screenings for men and women at the Perrin-Beitel Health Center on the corner of Perrin-Beitel Rd and Naco Perrin Blvd. 

Another option is the Comal County Public Health Department on the corner of Church Hill Dr and Loop 337 Ramp. 

Some sites may offer free STD testing. These locations could ask for proof of income and have patients verify their address for county-specific clinics. In addition, free services may not cover all STIs or include treatment and follow-up care.