What are the STI test options in Laredo,TX?

Many parts of Texas have major STD problems. On a 2017 list of the Texas counties with the highest bacterial STD rates, Webb County did not appear, indicating that its inhabitants are doing better than much of Texas. But let’s not celebrate yet. The STI rates still need to come down.

Health officials recommend educating youth about safe sex, getting tested regularly, and using protection.

In 2017, 23 people in Laredo were diagnosed with HIV and 13 with AIDS. The same year, there were 1,223 cases of chlamydia, 126 of gonorrhea, and 2 of primary and secondary syphilis. The Webb county rates for those three diseases per 100K people were 450.9, 46.6, and .7. Those are still much higher than they should be, so make sure you stay safe.

There are several clinics in Laredo, including public clinics that provide free STD testing. Note that public clinics often have long wait times, and this could increase the likelihood of being observed there. The City of Laredo Health Department provides education about STDs and offers testing for HIV, syphilis, trich, and hepatitis C.

They test in different locations on different days, so check their website before you go. South Texas Family Planning, on Saunders St, does HPV screening and “painless” STD testing.

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STD Statistics In Webb County, TX



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per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Webb County, TX. Data is normalized to accurately report Webb County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Laredo, TX


Rates specially aren’t simple to separate when you are trying to determine how the health of Laredo is doing. You are a small town, and resources for this data are often sent elsewhere. While it might not seem fair to, you can see how the county is doing, and this will let you know approximately how the sexual health in your border city is fairing.

Judging by the statistics, it’s not well and this doesn’t account for those who are not registered with the U.S. If this was taken into consideration, STDs would become a county health alert. Here’s a quick look,

STD Testing Laredo, TX

Looking for a Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinic? Let's See What's Available in Laredo, TX

Don’t feel like you’re being excluded just because of where you live. There might only be a select number of clinics and 3 private labs, but you don’t have to cross international borders to get quality health care on a budget.

If you are willing to go farther into the state, there are multiple private labs that are only waiting for you call. If you are looking closer to home, the City of Laredo Health Department on Cedar Ave. is nearby and provides free STD testing for some residents. Even if you don’t qualify for the no-rate, there is a sliding payment policy that everyone can apply for.

Registering as a patient can be daunting, you lose your anonymity. Everything is out there in the open, even though you already know that some results must be reported legally. If you don’t mind filling out forms, Gateway Community Health Center Incorporated might be near you. They have several locations with varying hours, and all offer at the least the basic tests for STDs.

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near Laredo, TX

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is widespread and the absence of all but a few clinics isn’t helping. Not everyone wants to join their friends at Gateway or Laredo City Health Centers, but these are your only choices if you want to go to a nearby public HIV clinic.

You will have to register as a patient, but this isn’t always a downside to the testing process. Once you join Gateway’s health center, you’ll have access to affordable care and tests that includes rapid HIV testing and immunizations for HPV and Hepatitis A and B. Laredo Health Department has free HIV tests and condoms.

If you are ready for an extended drive, Vida y Salud Health Systems Inc. provide rapid blood tests for HIV. They see patients during the week but check their hours before hopping into the car. You don’t want to make the 80 mile road trip only to find that they are closed. At the same time schedule a meeting so you know for sure that the drive won’t be in vain. Payment is based on each person’s ability to afford their services and for some even free.

About 20 miles closer is South Texas Rural Health Services. Their conventional blood tests will find out if you have HIV, and counseling can be provided. They keep standard hours so plan your trip there accordingly. You can show up, but it can be risky. Their clinics serve areas that are designated as being “medically under served”, and crowds are common since they are one of the few that provide all types of health and social services.

What many residents forget about are the private HIV clinics. They take all the hassles out of the procedure. You don’t have to drive miles to remain discreet, and you can also receive an early detection test if you feel that it is warranted. Conventional blood testing is another option, and all that is needed is a quick stop in. LabCorp and Clinical Pathology Labs are two that are recommended.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Laredo, TX

The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund found that sex education is failing teens and families. This was released in 2009, and they’ve found that nothing has changed almost a decade later. The only constant change is that STDs are more numerous now than before. Schools might be flunking in sexual health, but others are stepping up to take their place.

Planned Parenthood might not be here with their vast resources, but Laredo City Health Department is trying to fill the void. Classes are open enrollment, and pamphlets are free. Some of their clinics provide “safe sex kits” to those that ask or seem to live a lifestyle that could be considered high-risk. They also have an HIV-AIDS program that many in the community have come to depend on.

South Texas Rural Health Services is doing what they can to provide education and counseling to those that need it the most. No one with legitimate questions will be ignored, you just have to take the drive. Vida Y Salud Health Systems isn’t quite so far, and they have after-hours operators that might be able to help without you getting into a vehicle.

Don’t forget about libraries and the internet. Both can be invaluable educational resources, just make sure that your info is coming from an accredited source.


Better Sexual Health in Laredo, TX

Laredo is filled with local history from both sides of the border. It’s also a short walk across the Rio Grande bridge to either country. Shopping, dining and of course bars line the streets, and there are plenty of hiking and nature trails to explore. At first glance it might seem like everything is well, but this isn’t the case. Sexually transmitted infections are a real concern, and it seems like not much is being done about it. Take the first step and find out if you are positive for a STI.

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