What are the STI test options in Killeen,TX?

Killeen, Texas ranks as the 9th most sexually diseased city in the nation. The overwhelming rate of sexually transmitted disease infection comes in at a whopping 1,513 cases per 100,000 residents. Breaking this down, these numbers mean that in the city of Killeen alone almost 5,000 new STD diagnoses are given every year.

Bell County ranks 2nd in the state for gonorrhea and 3rd in the state for chlamydia rates.

And scary developments like antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea cases are on the rise. So, with many diseases having the ability to be present without symptoms, it’s especially important to undergo regular testing.

Across the state, concerned organizations and citizens are lobbying for the things that will help end the STD epidemic: greater funding, reduction of stigma, and the implementation of PrEP clinics. Killeen STD testing center locations include the Central Texas Support Services facility on CTSS Killeen and the Bell County Public Health District on North 2nd Street, among others.

Services offered include free  STD testing, condoms and educational services to help combat the problem. By Texas law, minors are required to obtain parental consent for STD testing.