What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Eastmont,WA?

Statistics showed that  Chlamydia infection cases were the highest in Snohomish County at a record of 2006 cases. Gonorrhea cases were 402 while Genital Herpes infections had a sum total of 274. Primary and Secondary Syphilis cases were the lowest a total of 27. 

Chlamydia cases occurred most in the females of age group 20 to 24 in 2014. Male cases of Chlamydia, age group 20 to 24 years, recorded were 216 with an 875.4 rate while female infections were 546 at a rate of 2384.5.

New HIV cases recorded in 2016 were 49 cases at a rate of 11 percent. This was an increase from the previous year which had 40 cases recorded.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has launched an Expected Partner Therapy clinical practice to promote STDs treatment. The therapy enables the treatment of sex partners of patients diagnosed with STDs by providing prescriptions or medications to a patient’s partner without a medical professional’s examination.

Eastmont City is surrounded by a variety of facilities that offer STDs testing and treatment. These include Planned Parenthood – Everrete Health Center located on  32nd Street, Everett and Ideal Option-Addiction Medical Treatment located on 1725 Continental PI Suite C, Mt Vernon

Apart from Immediate Clinic Belleview  Evergreen Health Urgent Care, you can also receive STD medical services at Planned Parenthood – Marysville Health Center.

Free STD testing is offered in some facilities and local awareness testing events. However, you might encounter challenges like unavailability of doctors on phone or on-site at the clinics and long waiting periods to get test results.