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Pasco, Washington is a city within the county of Franklin. Together with other cities they form the Tri Cities. The Tri-Cities metropolitan area holds a population of around 279,116 according to a 2015 survey. According to a 2016 population research, Pasco city has an estimate of 70,560.

The city is a home to some of the most fascinating recreational and tourist centers including Columbia Park, Howard Amon Park, Lawrence Scott Park and Sacajawea Park.  The city also boasts being a home to most of the top American Universities and colleges like, Washington State University, City University, Charter College, Columbia Basin College, Undergraduate Center among others. With the population growing so rapidly and with the influx of people from other parts of the world, Pasco, WA rate of STD infection has been growing exponentially.

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STD Statistics In Franklin County, WA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Franklin County, WA. Data is normalized to accurately report Franklin County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Pasco, WA

The rate of STD infection in Pasco city has been exceedingly worrisome.  With the population of the city growing fast due to the impact of tourism and economic stability of the city, the rate of human interaction has been heightened by social media platforms, this has in turn altered the rate of STD infection in the city. The three most common STDs in the city are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and syphilis. Other STDs like HIV/AIDs and hepatitis are not so much a sting to the society as they have been contained for a while.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD in Pasco city. According to a 2012 research, the county had 7331 reported cases of Chlamydia. This translated into a rate of 621.9  per 100,000 people. The youth between the ages of 15-19 years had the highest rates with a staggering 5158 reported chlamydia cases. The african Americans had 6.6 times higher rates compared to whites. The ages between 15-24 years had more than 70% of the total reported cases. Females were the most affected by chlamydia with 2.7 times higher rates than males.

The second most common STD in Franklin County, Pasco city is Gonorrhea. In 2012, the county registered a total of 2638 reported Gonorrhea cases. This translated into 223.8 per 100,000 people. The youth between the ages of 15-24 had the highest recorded number of  infections. African Americans had 11 times higher Gonorrhea rates than whites in the city. According to the research the difference between men and female infection rates was insignificant.

Syphilis has also been resurging in the county over the last five years. Out of the total number of infections men account for 80%.  50% of the total infections are co-infected with HIV/AIDs while men who have sex with other men account for 70% of the total infections.

The rates of the above STDS are as below per 100,000 people:

  • Chlamydia: 621.9
  • Gonorrhea: 223.8

Graph of chlamydia rates in pasco washington from 2016

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Pasco, WA

With the alarming rates of STDs in Pasco city, the county department of health and the State health department have embarked on a mission to sensitize the locals on sexual education. Provision of sex education mostly to the youth would reduce the rates of STD infection.

All public and private health facilities within the county have been directed to have a professional sex education therapist to help the locals on understanding sexuality. This has effectively worked for people who seek contraception methods and STD prevention techniques. Non governmental organizations have also chipped in fighting for the introduction of sex education in schools and colleges. They also stage exhibitions emphasizing on the use of condoms and refusal techniques. This has greatly helped the youth understand the need for safe sex.

Non profit organizations have a volunteer service for helping in sex education in Tri-cities. More than 200 organizations offer community services to the locals in the county. This has helped educate many locals on the importance of parent-child sex education talks. Parents are taught how to approach their children about sex matters. This has greatly reduced the workload of sex educators in schools and health facilities as children already have the basic sex knowledge from their homes.

Comprehensive sexual education program is gradually being introduced in middle and high schools in the county. Children are taught age appropriate, medically accurate sex education in their schools. Comprehensive sex education involves teaching the youth about their body developments, refusal techniques, contraception use, use of condoms, and need for STD testing. However, Parents are advised to opt out their children from these classes if they feel that the program is not age appropriate to their children. With all the needed sex information made available, the youth rates of STD infection would gradually decrease in the county.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Pasco, WA

Demographics plays a crucial role in the increase of STDs in Pasco city. With the population expected to be over 72,000 in the next census, the diversification of health facilities has been of great importance to the residents of the city. Owing to the fact that, the population is increasing rapidly, health institutions in the city are not sufficient to cater for the health needs of its residents. This has affected many people who have to wait for a week appointments to seek for STD services.

The city’s racial make-up.  The city’s population is made up of more than ten races including




African Americans

American Indians



All of the above races have different cultural practices and values, this makes it hard for the health sector to fight the spread of STDS as most practices facilitate sex. With most of the practices being instilled to people since birth, it’s hard for the city to reduce the rates of STD infection.

Poverty is another factor that has greatly contributed to the increase of STDs. With a whooping 18% of the households living below the average poverty level, their ability to afford regular health check up is minimal. With a limited access to health, the society is bound to suffer. This leaves a large percentage of the population vulnerable to STD infection.  

The existence of many religions within the city is also another factor. WIth more than six religions, the city is also divided in terms of beliefs. Some of the beliefs favour sexual interactions. With a belief of sex connection to your creator or eternity, many people find themselves trapped in STD nets. This has a great negative impact on the future of the city.

Rise in social crimes and unemployment within the city.  Crimes like prostitution and rapes have adversely necessitated the growth of STDs. The growing cases of rape has has impacted the growth of STDs as the perpetrators cannot use condoms. Prostitution mainly occurs under influence of drugs. When high the chances of misjudgement and ignorance are high.This greatly increases the chances of STD infection.

However, with the above factors in consideration, the fight against STDs has been escalated by the non profit organizations offering volunteer services on educating the locals on sex. Along with outreach programs there have been gradual progress in the fight against STDs.

STI Testing Resources in Pasco, WA

The rates of STD infection in Washington has been terribly woeful for the last decade. With county rates exceeding the average state rates, the health community in Pasco city have all their efforts channeled in combating STD infection. Health facilities within the county and city have been improved for better provisions of STD testing and management.

Lourdes medical Center is a public health  facility within Pasco city. The facility offers medically accurate STD diagnosis. With experts in all STDs, they offer free HIV/AIDs testing and counselling and other STDs testing at a low cost. They offer both appointment and walk in basis services to all clients. To avoid waiting bays, it’s advisable to book an appointment at an earlier date. Trios Southridge is another public health facility within the city with several branches. It is known for its reputation in STD testing. They have experts in types of STDs. HIV/AIDS testing is free while all other STD testing is done at a reasonable cost. Their STD testing is private and confidential and if you need family or couple therapy they guarantee you safe and private service. It is one of the best private hospitals in the city.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center is one of the best private health centers within Pasco city. With professional doctors on different STDs, they offer private and confidential STD testing which are medically accurate. They offer appointment basis services which are time sensitive. Trios Women’s and Children’s Hospital is another private facility across the city of Pasco. Known for its reputation of fast and quality services. They handle their clients with a lot of care and respect. They always ensure that their client’s need are met and if offer referrals on request. If you want confidential and exemplary client handling, make this your choice health center. They attend only women and children.

Psco health Center Planned parenthood center is one of the parenthood centers within Paco city. It offers appointment basis STD clinics that are medically accurate. Their services are time sensitive and so cannot take much of your time. With experts in all STDs, they offer personalized and confidential STD testing. Kennewick Health Center is another parenthood center in Pasco city. They offer confidential STD testing services. Their services are appointment basis and time sensitive. They also offer family therapies on request.

Lourdes Urgent Care and Kadlec Urgent Care are some of the urgent cares within Pasco city.  These two facilities offer walk-in basis services which are private and confidential. For urgent STD needs visit branches of these facilities within your residence.

Better Sexual Health in Pasco, WA

Pasco city is a cool residential city within Franklin county. Being a part of tri cities in Washington, it is one of the populous cities in the county. Though it’s a home to several Top health facilities, STD infection in the city has been a heartache to the residents. The city is very rich in cultures from all over the world. Several factors including race, religion, and culture of the population has been a great influential factor in the increase of STDs within the city.

Though severely hit by STDs, comprehensive sexual education which is gradually being adopted in the city’s schools and the outreach programs to the locals are making a big difference in the fight against STDs. Health facilities in the city including planned parenthood centers,urgent cares and private and public health facilities have also heightened the fight against STDs and in the foreseeable future STD infections are projected to reduce. Quality sex education is the best tool for reducing STD infection in Pasco city.

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