What are the STI test options in Eastpointe,MI?

Macomb County, MI residents reported a total of 3,426 chlamydia cases in the year 2017.  There were 916 cases of gonorrhea reported that same year.

One-hundred and six total syphilis in all stages cases were found in Macomb County  in 2017. The largest number of these cases was found to be Non-Hispanic white members of the community, with 51 cases diagnosed.  While that same year Non-Hispanic Black community members reported 43 syphilis cases in all stages.

That same year primary and secondary syphilis cases reached 44. Twenty of those were Non-Hispanic black residents, and 19 were Non-Hispanic white residents.

“Macomb County, MI ranked among the top counties with alarming rates of sexually transmitted diseases by health experts.”

STD testing services can be found relatively close to Eastpointe, MI,  one possibility to consider may be the Macomb County Health Department, about a 20-minutes from Eastpointe on Elizabeth Road . There is also a clinic in Warren that mentions STD testing on their website, the Hoover Urgent Care of Warren, located on Hoover Road.

You can also find preventative services such as vaccines for STD’s in CVS in Macomb, at the minute clinic.

Free std testing and other services may be an option that is available to you as well. When choosing where to get tested, you may want to consider the availability of such appointments and how they fit into your schedule. You may also want to consider the possibility that some services such as testing may be free, but this does not guarantee the treatment will be as well.

Which one is right for you?