What are the STI test options in Madison Heights,MI?

Madison Heights, MI, records a few more cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) every day. It has become a major health issue in the city. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are some of the STDs that have been reported to affect the residents.

According to the Michigan Annual STD report in 2017, Oakland County had 63 infections of syphilis (primary and secondary) reported in 2017. Its rate for the STD saw it become among the top three counties with the highest syphilis rate in Michigan.

Oakland County had 4,215 cases of chlamydia in 2017, as further revealed by the report. Those of gonorrhea during the same year were 1,214.

With 1,540 HIV cases recorded in 2009, Oakland County had one of the highest HIV rates in the state that year based on the information from the 2013 Michigan STD County Health Rankings. The HIV prevalence rate that year was 153.

The Oakland County Health Division allows residents of Madison Heights to get tested and treated for various sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It also offers awareness about efficient prevention measures that individuals can take to minimize the spread of STDs in the county.

To get STD/HIV tests, you may visit the Planned Parenthood of Michigan or the Detroit Public Health STD Clinic. Additionally, the Kent County North County Clinic is another option you might consider.

Nearby health clinics may offer free STD testing services sometimes but at inconvenient hours. You may also not be eligible for them depending on the clinic’s set qualifications. Furthermore, the doctors on site may be unavailable.

Which one is right for you?