What are the STI test options in Rochester Hills,MI?

In 2016, the HIV prevalence rate in Oakland County was 183.8 per 100K people, about equal to Michigan’s rate of 183.7 and much less than Wayne County’s rate.

That same year, Oakland County’s chlamydia rate was 319.3 per 100K people, less than the state’s rate of 462.9. The gonorrhea and (primary and secondary) syphilis rates were 79.6 and 5.1.

Though Rochester Hills is a suburb of Detroit, their rates are much lower. But health officials are worried that there are still people out there who haven’t been tested. Most STIs are asymptomatic in the beginning, but they can go on to leave lasting damage on one’s body. The only way to know your sexual health status for sure is to be tested regularly, even if you are not experiencing symptoms.

There is free STD testing available (chlamydia and gonorrhea) for students in the area. Wellhealth Medical Associates on Walton Blvd provide STI testing and treatment. The Rochester Hills Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic also does screenings and treatment, and you can find them on Walton Blvd.

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STD Statistics In Oakland County, MI



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Oakland County, MI. Data is normalized to accurately report Oakland County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Rochester Hills, MI

Alarmingly, there has been a significant increase in STIs in Rochester Hills over the last few years. According to an article written by Lisa Brody for the Rochester Hills Downtown Magazine, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2017 “had their highest numbers in recorded history of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.” This was an alarming increase from previous data taken in 2015.

In 2015 roughly 56% of 15-24-year old’s who had been sexually active were infected with Gonorrhea. By 2016 the percentage had reached nearly 70%. An even greater surprise was the increase in the outbreak of Syphilis. In 2015, 27% of individuals ranging in ages 15-24 reported to have tested positive for Syphilis. In 2016, the number increased by 4%, with 19% being males who were impacted.

Much of this is blamed on the ease with which people can meet a sexual partner. Studies argue that people, especially ranging between the ages of 15-24, prefer to ignore the solidity of a relationship and would rather accentuate sexual interaction. This is a result of not only social media apps such as Tinder, but also the fact that sexual non-intimacy is a common occurrence in many television shows and movies. Both of these have a great impact on the perception of how individuals view sex.


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Rochester Hills, MI

Because of alarming rate at which the amount of STIs has grown, local government encourages those who have had sex to be tested. There is also a strong emphasis in advocating for sex education at all levels of education within the school system. While much of the curriculum is abstinence based, there is still a strong push to encourage how to be safe and responsible if one chooses to have sex. Many classes will discuss how to say no, how to stay safe while out, and how to report a sexual attack.

A local group known as SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education) aides in promoting safe sex and healthy relationships. Their programs include classes taught on STIs by nurses and parent seminars on how to openly communicate with students about STIs. There is also a Gender and Sexuality program at Oakland University, which is a college right outside of Rochester Hills. Founded in 2005, this program provides free safe sex materials, information about sexual health and well-being, information on how to develop healthy relationships, and info on LGBTQIA topics.

Furthermore, they offer peer mentoring and advocate for a safe campus – particularly for women on campus. They also have an “Out on Campus” initiative, which advocates for an inclusion of the LGBTQIA community on their campus and throughout the city. All these endeavors aid in creating an awareness of safe sex practices and encourage acting wisely when it comes to STIs. The Health Center at Oakland University also offers free condoms.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Rochester Hills, MI

The greatest demographic that is affected by STIs seems to be those ranging in ages between 15 and 24 years of age. As of 2017, there are approximately 3,994 residents of Rochester Hills that fit within this age groups. The largest ethnic group represented within the city is white, yet according to a survey done in 2015, the African American males are the demographic that has been most affected by Gonorrhea, primary and secondary Syphilis, and Chlamydia. Also, as of 2015, Oakland County, where Rochester Hills is located also has the fifth highest number of those affected with Gonorrhea, the second highest of those affected by primary and secondary Syphilis, and the third highest affected by Chlamydia.

Ethnicity also plays role in why the demographics read the way they do. According to information collected by Data USA, in 2015 there were 134 white male graduates as opposed to 32 African American graduates. These 32 fell below the unknown ethnic group which contained 44 graduates. The low graduation and education rate amongst African American males could in part be directly correlated to the high levels of STIs found in the African American male population.

The STI rate among white’s, both male and female, also tended to be lower. This could be in part, due to the higher education rates among white individuals as opposed to other ethnicities. If they are receiving an education, including the sex education mentioned in the previous section, then they are more aware of the dangers of STIs.


STI Testing Resources in Rochester Hills, MI

There are many locations within Rochester Hills that offer STI testing. It is generally recommended that you call ahead to confirm whether you will be required to make an appointment. However, you usually can just walk in. When you call you can also verify that they offer the test you require. For example, some clinics may test for HIV but not Gonorrhea. Most clinics also take mainstream insurance plans, but it is recommended you confirm they take yours as well.

Planned Parenthood also provide excellent information on ways to prevent contracting a STI. However, the closest Planned Parenthood location is in Warren, MI, which is approximately a 34-minute drive southeast of Rochester Hills. There are also locations in Detroit and Livonia. These Planned Parenthoods accept many mainstream insurances such as Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They offer testing for HIV and STIs including a rapid HIV saliva test that has results in 20-40 minutes. These locations also offer condoms and female contraceptives. If the patient ranges between the ages of 19 and 26 they may qualify for special insurance coverage. It is recommended that the patient call the clinic for STI treatment pricing.

Aside from Planned Parenthood, there are several other locations that provide STI testing resources as well. One such location is Rochester Hills STI Testing located at 1701 South Blvd. E Ste. 107. This location offers a 10-test panel which covers testing for all major STIs. The costs of the service is based on the number of STDs test. For example, one panel may be less expensive, while another that contains the means to detect HIV early may be pricier. You can pre-order the test online or over the phone. If you test positive, you will receive a consultation from a doctor. This location is FDA approved and receives a 9.8/10 rating.

Oakland University’s Health Center also offers testing. The cost of an HIV test is relatively cheaper than the testing for Gonorrhea / Chlamydia. They accept insurances provided by the college as well as many other major insurances. The Health Center is in the west wing of the Graham Health Center. It is open week days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Health Center also offers contraceptives as mentioned in the previous section and is linked with several local pharmacies to provide treatment.

Better Sexual Health in Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills seems to provide adequate resources, testing, and treatment for the population it has. While there has been an increase in STIs, this does not seem to be from a lack of information provided both in an academic and medical setting. Educational curriculum supports and advocates abstinence, while also promoting being smart when becoming sexually active.

While there is no Planned Parenthood within the city limits of Rochester Hills, there is a center in a nearby town, and Rochester Hills has several local clinics where testing and treatment is provided. Demographics and statistics suggest that African Americans are most likely to contract an STI. It could be argued that this is a result of the percentage of white students that graduate as opposed to students of other ethnicities. Regardless of the statistics, the best way to prevent STIs is to either remain abstinent or practice safe sex with your partner. Rochester Hills also provides several online resources that help educate about STIs such as the Sexually Transmitted Disease page on the Oakland County website. As always, if you believe you have contracted an STI, please search out a testing center and seek treatment.

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