What are the STI test options in Athens,GA?

The South experiences higher rates of STDs and Athens is no exception. Left untreated STDs can result in not just physical discomfort but also long-term health consequences. As rates rise, regular screenings for sexually active persons becomes increasingly more important.

Ranked in the top five states for STD rates of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, residents should make sure to protect their sexual health with regular screenings.

Recent statistics show alarming rates of STD cases: 62,776 chlamydia cases, 20,553 gonorrhea cases, and 1,350 syphilis cases. Over half of all new STD cases occur in young adults.

Public and private STD Testing centers are located throughout the Clarke County area. Many organizations have labs around the city, including the Athens Neighborhood Health Center.

If you want a little more privacy by leaving your immediate vicinity then you can find nearby locations outside the city limits. Within a 20 mile radius of Athens you’ll find the Georgia Department of Public Health, located on South Elm Street in Commerce, and the Northeast Health District, located on Union Point Road in Lexington.

If privacy isn’t a concern there are centers that have free STD testing, just be prepared to wait with others.

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