What are the STI test options in Waxahachie,TX?

Many instances of chlamydia in Ellis County, TX, is cause for concern for those residing within the area. With an estimated 590 reports in 2015 alone. A significant increase in chlamydia cases for Ellis County residents since the number of cases found in 2014, of which there where 487.Following 2015, the number of chlamydia cases in the area did however drop in number the next year. As 568 total diagnoses were reported.

2015 Ellis county residents also reported 132 gonorrhea cases, up from 95 found the previous year.

 However, there were less reports of Syphilis in 2015 compared to those of other STD such as those mentioned above. A total of 16 cases were reported, 2 of which were primary and secondary syphilis cases.

“According to the chlamydia incidence rate, the rate of such cases in 2015 was rated significantly worse over time. Based on the trending date over multiple periods of time.”

You can find STD testing in Waxahachie at the Hope Clinic on East Jefferson Street, across the street from Hot Well Park.

There is also a planned parenthood in Cedar Hill that may offer such services as well.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylactics) are also available at the Urgent Care of Texas & Expecare Family practice, located on Dolfie Lane in Ennis.

There may be free STD testing options available in your community as well. These services may not be as reliable, as the hours of these clinics can change from time to time.  Additionally you may not be able to obtain a doctor consultation if desired.

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