What are the STI test options in Medford,OR?

As the rates of STD continue to surge in the country, so are the numbers of new STD infections in Medford, OR. In a county health survey, chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea hit a record high in 2017. In fact, 25% of Medford’s population have tested positive to STDs.

In the 2017 report by the Jackson County Health Department, new cases of syphilis had risen by 55%, bringing the tally to 28 cases. Gonorrhea rates increased by 22.5% with 217 cases while cases of chlamydia were 936, an increase of 24%.

According to the JCHD report, treating syphilis has become a challenge. The “great imitator,” as the infection is called, mimics some symptoms of other STDs. That has posed a problem for caregivers to provide effective treatment.

To prevent the spread of STDs, the Oregon Health Department organizes annual STD training programs to avail critical health information to help health workers to manage cases of STDs better. The programs deal with topical issues such as STD screenings and staging, treatment, and partner outreach services

The Jackson County Health clinic, situated along S Holly St, may provide STD testing for most sexually transmitted infections. The Planned Parenthood clinic on South Central Medford may provide STD testing and prevention services like free condoms and HPV immunization.

You may also be lucky to find free STD testing in and around Medford, IL. However, the drug prescribed for treatment, in case your test turns out positive, may not be readily available. The doctors may also be absent at the time of your visit.

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