What are the STI test options in Keizer,OR?

The Marion County Department of Health has achieved significant success in the fight of HIV infections in the county as indicated by the health reports for over the past 20 years. In 1999, there were 21 reported infections which dropped sharply to only 3 infections in 2019. 

Chlamydia infections rose slightly over the last decade. The infections rose from1,035 infections in 2007 to1,739 in 2016 with a notably higher rate in the female population.

There was a vivid trend in the increase of Gonorrhea infections in the past decade. The number escalated from 112 in 2007 to 347 in 2016.

Syphilis infections increased over the years despite their low infection rates in the county. From only 2 infections in 2007, there were 53 reported infections by the end of 2016.

Steps have been taken by the Marion Department of Health to establish a partnership with the county housing services to ensure that people living with HIV infections have access to quality housing. This method of intervention has prevented new infections and enabled most PLWH to remain under proper care thus improving their health outcomes.

Keizer city has a number of health care facilities like Salem Health – Hospital: Emergency Room and Salem Hospital – Building B that offer STD/HIV services to the city residents.  There are also some walk-in health care facilities such as Salem Health Urgent Care and Planned Parenthood – Salem Health Center that residents may consider.

Free STI/HIV services may not be available in some health care facilities. However, if they are, you might not get the confidentiality you expect since everyone will know why you were there. Besides that, results may take longer than expected due to large patient volumes in some situations. 

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