What are the STI test options in Bend,OR?

The city of Bend, OR is in Deschutes County and is located on the edge of the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. However, central Oregon has recently made the news due to concerns over skyrocketing rates of STD cases.

Deschutes County is at the center of these trends. Cases in the county increased from 432 cases of chlamydia in 2008 to 675 in 2017. Cases nearly doubled in nearby Crook County. Health officials are calling the rise in STDs unprecedented. This increase comes on the tail of years of a downward trend. The population affected continues to get younger, with 24% of all 9th graders reported having had sex.

The rising number of STD cases in Deschutes County is well above national averages. This is of particular concern because the state of Oregon now ranks 9th in the United States for STD cases.

These numbers mean that getting tested in Bend and Deschutes County is more important now than ever. There are a number of places where you may be able to get STD testing. These include Planned Parenthood and the Downtown Health Center. The Deschutes County Health Department also has a clinic that offers std testing services.

Some locations around Bend may offer free STD testing, but they may only take limited appointments and there may not be a physician available for  consultation. You must meet income guidelines and they may not take all forms of payment or insurance. In addition, you may have long waits to get test results back.

Which one is right for you?