What are the STI test options in North Charleston,SC?

By the 2013 CDC data, North Charleston is ranked the 80th most sexually diseased in the US. Military bases often bring STD numbers up in an area, and numbers are also high in the South, with low levels of sex education and large numbers of people without health care.

Health officials are especially concerned with the HIV rates. While 20 people were diagnosed in 2017, there were 7 cases in January 2018 alone.

Chlamydia is so prevalent in the Lowcountry area that some health professionals call it the “Charleston Strain” (others say better testing is responsible for the rise). In either case, chlamydia is no joke, and sexually active individuals, particularly young women, should be screened regularly.  

There are some options for STD testing in North Charleston, and even more in surrounding areas such as Charleston. There are some community clinics that offer free STD testing. These might have a long wait, increasing the likelihood that someone might see you there.

The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center provides STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea only. Palmetto Community Care, on Meeting Street Rd, offers support for HIV-positive individuals. You can also get basic screening in the CVS MinuteClinic.

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