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STD Statistics In Bulloch County, GA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Bulloch County, GA. Data is normalized to accurately report Bulloch County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Statesboro, GA

The city of Statesboro has a population of more than 30,000 people according to a 2015 research. The population of the city is expected to increase in the next US census with the city having a stable economic status and hence fostering its growth.

The city of Statesboro has been greatly hit by the increasing rates of STD infection within the last five to ten years. The most prevalent STDs are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Herpes, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDs have also been diagnosed but in lower rates. The rate of spread of HIV/AIDs is diminishing with time after the introduction of abstinence only system, which called for abstinence till marriage.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD within the city, county and state. The rate of infection within the state according to a 2016 report was 765 per 100,000 population. Some of the counties have had a higher rate of chlamydia infection than the county’s rate. Females are the most hard hit by chlamydia accounting for more than 72% of the total infections. Though males are not as much hit by chlamydia as men who have sex with other men top are also greatly infected. The youth between the ages of 14-29 years are the hardest hit in terms of ages. The African Americans and Latino Hispanics are the races that are most hit.

Gonorrhea is the second most prevalent STD in Statesboro. With an infection rate of 0.8%, Gonorrhea is increasingly causing havoc. The extent of infection has been turning disastrous over the last five years, with the recent statistics showing successive increment in the rates of infection within the city. Gonorrhea has been most prevalent amongst the African americans, with the youth between the age of 14-29 years accounting for more than 70% of the total infections. Men who have sex with other men account for more than 60% of the total men’s infections. There is no significant difference of infection between males and females within the city.

Syphilis is the third most common type of STD within the city. There has been reported cases of congenital syphilis which is transmittable from a pregnant mother to an unborn child. This has caused a great scare among the residents. Primary and secondary syphilis is also causing scare amongst the locals. According to the current research syphilis has an increment percentage of of more than 3% within the last five years. The rates of infection for the three STDs per 100,000 population:

  • Chlamydia 437
  • Gonorrhea 132
  • Syphilis 17.5

Graph of std rates in statesboro georgia from 2016

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Statesboro, GA

For more than a decade the health community in Statesboro along with the State legally introduced the abstinence only system in middle and high schools. The abstinence only taught the youth and the locals that abstaining completely from sex was the only sure way of preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies.  This helped much reduce the number of HIV/AIDs infections within the city. The system is age appropriate and offers regulated information to the locals. It also offers medically accurate information to the residents.

With the increased ineffectiveness of the latter system, the health community along with the state government and school stakeholders have all joined hands in the fight to introduce the abstinence plus system. This system calls for teaching of age appropriate and medically accurate information to the residents. Locals are taught on STD prevention measures like use of condoms. The youth are taught refusal techniques and are also given contraception information to aid in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

The youth are taught more about relationships in hand with educating them about their expected body changes both physical and psychological. Youths are also taught on forms of relationship abuse and attributes of a health relationship. This information equips the locals with the right information to help them make sound sex decisions.

Youth organizations have also staged exhibition and awareness programs to help sensitize their the general population on the need for STD testing. With the right knowledge about sex their peers can make informed decisions on matters pertaining relationships. The exhibitions also expound on contraception methods.

Non governmental organizations backed by women’s organizations are also tirelessly fighting for the proper introduction of age appropriate sex information be offered to the residents. They believe that with the right information, there would be few unwanted pregnancies and would still reduce the rate of STD infection within the locals.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Statesboro, GA

With the scaling trend in STD infection rates within Statesboro city, demography has played a great role. The population of the city has been increasing with time since the incorporation of the city and so is the rate of STD infection. The population of the city has a diversity of constituents that contribute to the increment of STDs  within the city.

Poverty is one of the major factors that have necessitated the increase of STDs in the city. The city has a staggering 52.2% of the population living in poverty. This is more than half of the city’s population living in stringent conditions and being unable to meet basic family needs. Their health needs cannot be addressed when they cannot afford for their basic needs. With limited incomes most locals cannot fund for their regular health needs. This makes the fight against STDs an impossible mission thereby facilitating the increase of STD infection within the city and the county in general.

Existence of different races within the city is another contributing factor to the increase of STD infection. The city is a home to more than six races including Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, among others. The races have different practices, beliefs and cultures. Some of these cultures necessitate the increase of STDs within the city. Also, interaction between these races breeds new values and practices and most of these new practices facilitate the increase of STD infection due to increased human interaction considering the change in forms of interaction have been heightened.

Increase in unemployment rate within the city and county is another factor that has facilitated the increase in STD infection. The city’s unemployment rate has been increasing over the last five years with the 2016 rate of unemployment standing at 8%. The youth are the most affected by unemployment and that explains why they are the most infected. With unemployment comes despair. People who are desperate turn to drinking and drugs for consolation. All these factors necessitate the increase of STD infection within the city. Though all the above factors facilitate the increase of STD infection, outreach programs are gradually covering grounds sensitizing the locals on the need for regular check ups and STD testing.

STI Testing Resources in Statesboro, GA

The city of Statesboro has witnessed an all time high STD infection rates. With the State ranking top ten in Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, the health community has turned to the health status of the city. All health institutions within the city are fully equipped and have been alerted to handle all STD cases with an immediate effect.

East Georgia Regional Medical Center is one of the public health centers within the city. It offers free HIV/AIDs testing. The facility offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. It also offers family STD therapy upon the request of client. Their information which is offered in therapies and examination is medically and factually accurate. The facility is renown for its resilience in STD testing and treatment. It has a great reputation of caring for the STD patients over time. It boasts specialists with years of experience in STDs. Georgia Southern University Health Services is also another public health service center. It offers appointment basis services that are medically accurate, private and confidential.  The institution has built trust in people having stood the test of time in STD handling cases. The facility offers family STD therapies and referral services  upon client’s request.

Statesboro Family Practice is one of the main private health centers within the city. It offers high end health services that are medically accurate, private and confidential. The facility is appointment based to help their clients utilize time well. The main focus for the clinic is delivering high quality health services to their clients. They accept different insurance covers. Service delivery is their main target when handling their clients. Martin Chiropractic Clinic is another private clinic within the city. The facility handles appointment services that are private and confidential. They do not discriminate on race or religion. They boast a staff of experts in all STDs. With a reputation of more than a decade of handling STDs and other diseases, this is one of the best health centers within the city.

AppleCare Statesboro is one of the main urgent care centers within the city. It offers walk in basis services that are strictly private and confidential. All their services are time conscious, reliable and convenient. They offer emergency STD services to all residents regardless of race or place of origin. Established for emergency responses, their staff have adapted to client’s strict and urgent needs. They have experts in all departments and this ensures quality service deliverance. Fasten Urgent Care/Telemedicine is another urgent care within the city. It offers medically accurate STD diagnosis. They also offer referral services upon client’s request. Their services are private and confidential and can offer court recommendations in the event of handling cases of sexual abuse.

Savannah Center planned parenthood center is another health facility within the city. It handles appointment basis services that are private and confidential. They offer individual and family STD therapies depending on client’s preference. They are reliable and time conscious. East Georgia planned parenthood center is another parenthood center in the city with several branches. It offers appointment basis services which are private and confidential. Equipped with specialized experts in different health sectors, they offer high standard client services.  All these facilities dispense condoms to the locals for safer sex. This is all aimed at improving the health status of the city and reducing STD infection within the city.

Better Sexual Health in Statesboro, GA

The health status of Statesboro city has been wanting over the years. With the population increasing with time, the rate of STD infection is also expected to increase. Being a racially rich city, there have been several demographic factors that have greatly contributed to the increase in STDs. Factors like poverty, unemployment, and drugs have impacted hugely on the current health state of the city.

The health sector is gradually implementing comprehensive sexual education in middle and high schools to help empower the youth with correct sex knowledge so as to be able to make sound sex decisions. Along with outreach programs and exhibitions, the locals can now access sex knowledge easily. This has been reported to help and the rates of infection are gradually decreasing. After a long fight with STDs, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with abstinence plus system having shown positive results.  

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