What are the STI test options in Oklahoma City,OK?

 There were 5,273 cases of Chlamydia reported in 2015 and 2,206 cases of Gonorrhea, all in Oklahoma City alone. There were also 1,211 cases of HIV. Of course, many other people are probably infected, but have not yet been diagnosed.

Oklahoma City  has STD testing centers for its citizens.

This includes Planned Parenthood on 23rd Street and multiple other public labs. The city also has certain dates when free STD testing is available at a health center. Dates are announced ahead of time or you can visit the city’s health department website. 

Testing centers are available throughout the city, including on McAuley Boulevard and Walker Avenue. These clinics are easy to spot, their signs are prominent. Don’t forget to call ahead, it will save you a lot of time that could be spent doing something else. Parking usually isn’t an issue and you have the added advantage of the public buses. They will drop you off close to the center so you can avoid being stuck in traffic. 

Stop worrying about your health; let us help you find the right testing center for you. Then, enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Which one is right for you?