What are the STI test options in Wichita Falls,TX?

Texas has high STD rates in general, for many reasons. In the South, poverty rates tend to be higher, and this affects people’s access to health care. Even transportation to a clinic can be an issue to a person living in poverty. Free, mobile STD clinics can solve this problem, but another issue is that many people don’t understand the risk factors out there and might not suspect that they may be infected.

Social stigma around STDs may prevent people, especially minorities and people from the LGBTQ community, from going in for testing. But medical professionals are discreet and help is available.

As far as HIV rates, Wichita County’s are low for Texas. In 2017, there were 144 people living with HIV or AIDS in Wichita County, with a prevalence rate of 109.1 per 100K people; the Texas rate was 320.4. The chlamydia rates, however, were higher. Wichita County had 868 chlamydia cases in 2017, at a rate of 657.6; the Texas rate was 511.6. The gonorrhea and syphilis rates were 259.1 and 16.7.

There are only a few STD-testing clinics in Wichita Falls. Texas Health and Human Services operates a clinic on 3rd St that offers STI testing. There is a Christian-run clinic for pregnant women that provides free STD testing, but only for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Which one is right for you?