What are the STI test options in Shawnee,OK?

Shawnee, OK is a small city with slightly more than 30,000 year round residents. Surrounded by farmland, Shawnee, OK is a short 35 mile drive away from Oklahoma City, and many of its residents commute into the state capitol for work. 

As for who the people who live in Shawnee, OK are, they are a diverse group, with a prominent Native American community. They enjoy a reasonably good standard of living, with reasonable housing costs. 

However, one of the downsides to living in Shawnee, OK is the alarmingly high rates of violent crime and property crime. With these social ills come other problems, and the risk of STDs in Shawnee, OK is a stark reality for those in the community engaging in unprotected sex. 

Native Americans are disproportionately at risk for HIV and other STDs. 

The Pottawatomie County Health Department is located in Shawnee, OK on S. Gordon Cooper Dr. only a few blocks away from the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center. A full range of tests should include tests for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, genital warts, herpes, pubic lice, and HIV.

You may also be able to find free std testing in the area. However, this will likely only be available on certain weekdays and during the morning hours, which makes it inconvenient for many individuals. 

What’s more, diagnosis and treatment are different, and even when this former is free, in the case that you do test positive for an STD you will need health insurance or another means of payment to cover the latter. 

Which one is right for you?