What are the STI test options in St. Matthews,KY?

St. Matthews is a city in Jefferson County within the KPDA Area Development District. According to a health surveillance report, the county experienced a spike of HIV/STD infections for the past few years.

The county health department was a little complacent in its effort to fight STI/HIV infections. This is seen by the increase of HIV incidences from 4,647 to 4759 cases between 2018 and 2019.

Health reports also noted an increase in STD infections in St. Matthews. Chlamydia was the leading STI, with a total rate of 318.0 per 100,000, by the end of 2007.

Meanwhile, the Area Development District report indicates the rate of new Gonorrhea infections in 2007 ranged from 139.0 and 183.9 in every group of 100,000 individuals.

Additionally, the incidence rate of new Syphilis infections ranged between 5.7 and 7.5 per 100,000 population in 2007.        

To prevent widespread of HIV/STD infections in Jefferson County, the Area Development District health office has launched programs such as KHCCP to facilitate HIV service to PLWHA and their families. The programs also offers  funds to support the Health Insurance Continuation Program to patients with low incomes in the community to ensure they access HIV services.   

Planned Parenthood – New Albany Health Center and Baptist Health Urgent Care are among the clinics located in St. Matthews, KY, that provide HIV/STD services. Other facilities include UofL Health – UofL Hospital and Kindred Hospital Louisville.

These medical centers may offer free STD testing but not all for all STDs, and also results may be received in one to two weeks.      

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Quest Diagnostics

Preferred 6400 Dutchmans Pkwy, Ste 155 Louisville, KY 40205 800-666-1250
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  • Tests available:
  • Chlamydia Test,
  • Syphilis Test,
  • Gonorrhea Test,
  • Hepatitis A Test,