What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Newburg,KY?

Newburg, Kentucky is a census-designated place in Jefferson county where according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that there are more than 630 sexually transmitted diseases per 100000 people. Alongside Monroe, Erie and Onondaga, Jefferson County was among the few counties on the red scale.

Out of a total population of 120262, Jefferson County reported a total of 759 STDs. Chlamydia accounted for most of this cases with a total of 693 cases while Gonorrhea recorded a total of 63 cases. Syphilis was the most reported STD with 3 cases.

One of the reasons why Newburg is grappling with increased STD rates is because the population is relatively young. The county has also seen a rise in popularity of various dating apps and a drug problem that has contributed to a nationwide rise in STD cases.

In Jefferson County, county health officials offer low cost STD testing in local STD clinics. You can also go to local correctional facilities which serve individuals who lack access to traditional healthcare. 

Other states allow for prescription for the other partner if one of them tests positive for an STD though Kentucky does not allow for this this.

There are numerous options for STD testing in Newburg, KY. You can visit High view Health Clinic, Planned Parenthood – Louisville Health Center and Family Health Centers – Americana where Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV tests are offered.

Some of the public clinics may offer low cost or free STD testing though doctor’s consultation might come at an extra charge and cost might be dependent on your income and welfare eligibility.