What are the STI test options in Fayette,KY?

The city of Fayette, Kentucky, is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located in Fayette County. The Fayette area boasts a population of about 321,959 people and is located in close proximity to the Keeneland and Red Mile Horse Race Courses. The area is known as the “Horse Capital of the World,” but there is more things going on in the area that do not involve beautiful Stallions. Due to the Opioid drug epidemic, the area is seeing a significant increase in the rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

When people are under the influence of opioids or methamphetamine, they tend to have unprotected sex, leading to sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to other issues, such as infertility, complications in pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease and an increased risk of contracting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

The Fayette area has seen the number of cases of Chlamydia rise from 526 cases in 2014 to 759 in 2017 while gonorrhea cases went from 182 in 2014 to 337 in 2017. Syphilis cases were up also, with 26 cases reported in 2014 and 37 reported in 2017.

There are at least 15 clinics and medical centers in the Fayette area that offer testing for an array of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Many clinics offer free HIV testing but charge a small fee for the other tests.

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department in conjunction with the Fayette County Health District offers an array of STD clinics throughout the week. The nearby Bluegrass Community Health Center offers STD screenings and HIV testing. Same day testing is available at most of the clinics and centers in the Fayette area.

While free STD testing is tempting, it is best to remember that there could be extra, unexpected charges for treatment, along with longer wait times to see a physician. The clinics in the Fayette area also offer vaccines for diseases, such as Hepatitis B and the Human Papilloma Virus. Taking charge of your sexual health is important to your overall well-being and happiness.

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STD Statistics In Fayette County, KY



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Fayette County, KY. Data is normalized to accurately report Fayette County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Fayette, KY

There has been an increase in the numbers of people being tested statewide in the past few decades. The results show an increase in positive results for a variety of different STD infections. Hospitals, STD testing centers and private physicians forward the data that is collected to state authorities and the Center for Disease Control for inclusion in state and national databases. The names of clients are not shared in order to protect confidentiality, but they do share region, ethnicity, age, gender and the type of infection. This is to help analysts to pinpoint which groups of persons are at the highest risk for becoming infected. Here are the STD rates for the area as shown per 100,000 in population.

  • Chlamydia-395.3
  • Gonorrhea- 98.0
  • Syphilis- 3.4

These values represent the numbers of persons who have been tested only. Health department authorities believe that the actual numbers would be much higher if more people in at risk groups would get tested.

STD Testing Fayette, KY

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

OBGYN Georgetown


STD Testing at 206 Bevins Ln, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

Georgetown OB-GYN  strives to offer personalized healthcare services for women. Whether you need  maternity care or a routine exam their professionals are ready to provide the best education and care. 

They have several gynecologists and nurse practitioners. This enables them to provide care to women in all stages of life.


Women will need to call first. It won’t take long to schedule your visit. Same day appointments are rarely available, but you can often get in within a few days. Women of all ages are welcome, even those as young as 13.

You will need to settle your bill before you leave. They do not operate on a sliding scale fee basis.


Since the clinic does have a lab, you can expect to return for your results in as little as a week. One of the physicians will see you if you are positive. From there, they will help you decide on the right course of action to take to either treat or manage the infection or virus.


At the Georgetown OBGYN clinic women can receive the healthcare they need in an environment they will feel comfortable in.

The clinic has physicians and nurses that are highly qualified and will treat you with respect and compassion.

Guys can also come in for testing, with their female partners. If you need directions to Bevins Ln, check the map on their website. It will show you the best route from your location.


206 Bevins Ln, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA


STD Testing at OBGYN Georgetown


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near



STD Testing at 365 Waller Ave, Lexington, KY 40504, USA

AVOL has a mission. To get the number of new HIV infections to a specific low number by the year 2023. It is a bold goal, considering they are talking about rates throughout the state. Along with using several tools to help educate individuals, they also provide testing to anyone that comes.


Testing for HIV is always free. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 pm – 6 pm you can come on in. Any other times you will need to schedule your visit.

The test won’t take long and since it is a rapid test. You will be aware of your status before you leave the center.


You cannot get your HIV medications here but you can find support. They also have programs that can help with everything from getting to the doctor to food and housing.

The center also hosts various events around the city. You can join a group or volunteer your time.


AVOL has been working towards their goal of lowering infection rates for HIV since 1987. They have plenty of programs that reach the community that encourage everyone to get tested.

You can go in or call ahead. whichever way you choose, testing will be free.


365 Waller Ave, Lexington, KY 40504, USA


STD Testing at AVOL


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Bluegrass Health Center


STD Testing at 268 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, USA

Planned Parenthood has a stellar reputation, and has for several decades. Their tireless research has enabled them to have a unique understand about sexually transmitted diseases.

Going in for your test, you will have the chance to talk to a counselor. Most clients take advantage of this, since almost everyone has at least one question they want to ask.


It’s easy to let the clinic know that you want to come in. If you don’t have any questions about costs or payment plans, book online. You’ll see the clinic’s calendar for the next couple months and the time slots that are still open. You just pick the one you want and then wait a few minutes for your confirmation email.



So, you have a STD. There is no reason to panic. The staff can either treat the infection or refer you to someone that can. They do work closely with other health organizations in the area, including those that deal strictly with HIV.


There is very little to say about Planned Parenthood that you probably don’t already know. They have a decades long outstanding reputation when it comes to caring for men and women’s sexual health.

They have programs that ensure no one is ever turned away, simply because they cannot pay. The clinic is located close to the city’s downtown. If you work in the area, it can be an easy walk or a short trip on a city bus.


268 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood Bluegrass Health Center


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Fayette,KY

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department


STD Testing at 650 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY 40508, USA

The dual county health department is managed by the health commissioner. This helps to ensure quality care for all residents.

The health center is capable of handling a variety of ailments and does have a full staff of professionals in a variety of medical fields. Technicians are one of them and will be performing your test.


On Fridays testing for HIV and Syphilis is free. You still need to schedule a visit. This applies to the other week days, when there is a small charge for testing.

Sometimes you might need help to cover the fee. There are payment plans. You can also ask if you qualify for assistance. It is based on income, so you may have to show proof.


The county health department is a little limited on providing treatment. Mainly for sexually transmitted viruses. They do have services and personnel that can help you locate a clinic or specialist that can track your progress and manage your symptoms.

Infections are often dealt with by prescribing certain antibiotics. These you can get here.


Need testing for a sexually transmitted disease? The county health department’s clinic provides this service. For some, free of charge.

It is located closer to the downtown center, so if you work in the area you can just take the bus. Others, closer to the suburbs may have to drive. They do have a free parking lot that clients can utilize.


650 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY 40508, USA


STD Testing at Lexington-Fayette County Health Department


WIC Clinic South


STD Testing at 2433 Regency Rd, Lexington, KY 40503, USA

The WIC South Clinic is a branch of the county’s health department. It serves both Fayette and Lexington counties. Along with helping pregnant women and in need families, they also have a health clinic that tests for STDs.

You will meet with a technician that has been certified by the health department. Once the test is sent off to the lab, you can expect a message in about a week letting you know your results are in.


It really is best if you call first. Remember it is also a WIC clinic so it can get busy helping families. Women, guys and teens are welcome to come in, as long as they are at least 14. Anyone younger will need to bring an adult with them that can consent to their being tested.

Payments are due but they also have a sliding scale charge for qualifying county residents.


Finding out that you have a STD can be stressful. It can be confusing trying to decide on where to go for treatment.

The clinic can give out antibiotics for some infections. They are not able to treat viruses like Hepatitis C or HIV. They will work with you to find appropriate care.


The two counties are working to improve healthcare for women and children at their WIC clinic. Along with providing standard healthcare, food and medicine, they also know that sexually transmitted diseases are a growing problem.

The health department does have other clinics throughout the two counties. If this one isn’t within easy driving distance, go to their web page for a complete listing of other locations.


2433 Regency Rd, Lexington, KY 40503, USA


STD Testing at WIC Clinic South


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

HealthFirst Bluegrass Southland Drive Clinic


STD Testing at 496 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, USA

Health First is a family care clinic that is able to diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. They have a full staff of physicians, nurses and technicians that are qualified to handle almost all health issues.

They do test for most sexually transmitted diseases for those that ask. It is not a standard part of your physical exam.


You can call during or after hours to let them know you want to come in. Even though the clinic isn’t open 24 hours, their appointment line is.

Clients need to be 14 or older to come in without an adult. Payment is also expected and they do not have sliding scale fees for STD testing. If you cannot afford the cost, they may be able to direct you to a clinic that does have free testing for sexually transmitted diseases.


You’ll be glad to learn that there is a pharmacy at the clinic. If you have a bacterial infection, you can get your medications here. You won’t have to go to another pharmacy, instead you’ll leave with the medication you need.

Viruses are not treated here. You can have them perform wellness exams to monitor your progress and symptoms. All care though, will need to be sought elsewhere.


Health First is striving to improve healthcare for residents and their families, in and around the city. They do have other locations in the area, you can find their locations on their website.

You can call anytime, day or night. Their appointment line is always open.


496 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, USA


STD Testing at HealthFirst Bluegrass Southland Drive Clinic


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Fayette, KY

There is a high level of awareness of the problem with STD rates in the area by local officials. Unfortunately, not all segments of the population are aware of the issues or the causes. The state of Kentucky has followed suit with other legislators and mandated the inclusion of sexual health education classes into the public school curriculum. The overall goal is to reach young people with the facts about the dangers of unprotected sex at the age just prior to when some will begin sexual experimentation. Students who complete these courses will know where to go for a Herpes test or for HIV testing in Fayette, Kentucky.

Studies show that adolescents in the area engage in sexual intercourse at a rate of 44.7 % and of these youth, 46.9% did not use a condom.

Additional campaigns have been launched by the Health Department to educate the public about STD rates and provide them with materials about prevention and treatment options. Reaching the people who are at the highest risk is still a problem that is being addressed through strategic planning and action committees. There are many people walking around with STD infections that are not aware of the fact, because some types present few to no symptoms in the beginning. This is one of the factors that can lead to a rapid spread.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Fayette, KY

Fayette has a high number of residents who are at or below the poverty level. This is believed to be an additional risk factor because those with less financial resources or more apt to receive less education about sexual health issues and they are less likely to have the resources to obtain quality health care.

Primary and secondary Syphilis rates have increased in the last 6 years placing Kentucky in the 27th position for highest rates in the 50 states. It comes in at 33rd for Chlamydia infections and at 21st for Gonorrhea. The statistics also show a marked increase in HIV and Hepatitis C infections. When left untreated, these diseases can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and certain types of cancers.

Chlamydia rates are the highest for women in the 20 to 24 age group, followed by women 15 to 19. The positive test rates for women are 2.5 times higher than they are for men. Those who are African American have the highest rates followed by White, then Hispanic.

Gonorrhea rates are the highest in males age 20 to 24, followed by those 25 to 29. Black males have the highest rates of positives followed by White, then Hispanic. Women have a slightly lower rate of infection.

All pregnant women are routinely screened for STD infection through prenatal care programs. This helps in identifying infections prior to birth so measures may be taken to protect the unborn babies from infection and complications that may arise.

Health care options are available for the majority of the population, along with STD testing resources. There may be instances when free clinics have exhausted funding resources and there will be a waiting period until the cycle replenishes. Resources are not as big of an issue as reaching people with information that will help them to understand that STD testing is important for the maintenance of their overall health.

Better Sexual Health in Fayette, KY

If you have had unprotected sex, then there is always the possibility that you may have an STD infection. If you are in any of the groups which are at a higher risk, the urgency increases. The only way to know for certain is to get tested. Confidential STD testing is available for you and your confidentiality will be strictly guarded. If you lack financial resources, there are free clinics that can assist you. Ordering your STD testing is easy and it is fast. It will just take a brief trip to a local lab to complete the process. You’ll find friendly and knowledgeable lab technicians who are happy to administer the test and answer any questions that you may have. In no time, you’ll be out and on your way to enjoy all that beautiful Fayette has to offer. You owe it to yourself and everyone who loves you. You will enjoy the peace of mind that knowing can bring.