What are the STI test options in Alafaya,FL?

Alafaya, FL is located in Orange County and is close to Orlando. Alfaya is a popular tourist location, but according to the Florida Department of Health, it is also the home of a rising epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.

Between 2006 and 2018, cases of chlamydia rose from a little over 400 new cases per year to over 700 new cases per year. Rates for Orange County were nearly double state averages. Gonorrhea cases have seen drastic swings in Orange County over the same year. However, since 2014, these rates too have nearly doubled in the number of new cases per year.

Prior to 2014, cases stayed below 10 per 100,000 people. In 2016, they reached and all-time high of 33 per 100,000. It fell slightly in 2017, never reaching its previous levels. Recently, it began another sharp upward climb and is now double 2006 levels.

According the to the Orange County Health Department, infectious syphilis is on an upward trend that is unprecedented and represents a serious threat to the population.

The Orange County Health Department encourages everyone who is sexually active to get tested. Planned Parenthood and the East Side Health Center are two locations that may offer STD testing.  Her Choice women’s clinic may also offer STD testing and have resources available for those who qualify.  

Some clinics may offer free STD testing. However, not every location offers tests for all types of STDS. In addition, clinic hours may be limited or not at a convenient time for you.  In addition, the ability to see a physician may be limited at public clinics.

Which one is right for you?