What are the STI test options in Meadow Woods,FL?

Meadow Woods, FL, a town in Orange County, is experiencing a severe STD outbreak

Chlamydia cases are increasing with 5,753 new diagnoses in 2008 jumping to nearly 10,000 in 2018 with 9,925. 

Gonorrhea infections have also gone up fast with 2,061 in 2008 rising quickly to 2,948 in 2018. 

There are three types of syphilis diagnoses, early, infectious, and congenital, which is passed between mother and child. In 2008, the county had 183 new cases of early syphilis, and in 2018, it jumped to 615. Also in 2008, there were 93 infectious diagnoses, and by 2018, there were 278.

Additionally, the county had nine babies born with the disease.

HIV is another pressing issue. There were 500 people living in Orange County in 2018 with HIV/AIDS. 

Local health officials are concerned about the rising STD and HIV rates in the area. Communities are increasing STI awareness and urging people to seek regular screenings and to help reduce the spread of these diseases. 

There are dozens of places that provide comprehensive STD testing in and nearby Meadow Woods. Many sites also include STI education, treatment, and follow-up care. 

One option is Spektrum Health on S Orange St in Orlando. Off-street parking is available, and the clinic is on a public transportation route

The Florida Department of Health in Osceola County provides STI screenings at Stadium Place on Bill Beck Blvd in Kissimmee. This site is also on a local bus route.

Some locations might offer free STD testing. Its possible proof of income will be required, patients often face long wait times, and rapid results may not be available.  

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