What are the STI test options in De Land,FL?

DeLand, Florida, the county seat of Volusia County is experiencing an STD epidemic that’s not slowing down. Chlamydia is on the rise. There were 1,499 new diagnoses in 2008, and a decade later, the county reported 2,103 cases.

Gonorrhea infections have nearly doubled over ten years, with 496 in 2008 and 753 in 2019. In 2008, there were only nine new infectious syphilis diagnoses. That number jumped to 39 in 2018. There were 24 early syphilis infections in 2008. A decade later, 109 new cases were confirmed. 

Congenital syphilis is passed from mother to child. Until 2013, none were reported. In 2018, the county reported three new cases. 

HIV rates are also worrisome with 86 new infections diagnosed in 2018.

Local health officials in Volusia County are concerned about the rising rate of STDs and in particular, gonorrhea, and they’re urging the public to seek testing and treatment.

There are more than a dozen locations in and near Deland that provide STD testing. Many clinics include comprehensive screenings, sexual health awareness, treatment, and follow-up care.

One option is the Orange Blossom Family Health’s Sanford Clinic at the Harvest Time International Building on the corner of Narcissus Ave and Harvest Time Dr. 

Another site in Sanford is True Health, located on E Lake Mary Blvd. This clinic is accessible by public transportation.

Free STD testing may be possible at some locations. These free services could require proof of income and might not include treatment, follow-up care, or consultation with a doctor.

Which one is right for you?