What are the STI test options in Elmira,NY?

Elmira City is located in Chemung County New York. Like other towns in the county, HIV and STDs rates are rising rapidly. The most likely affected group are young people aged 15-24 years and gay men. Out of a population of 100000, the number of HIV infections was 224 at an HIV prevalence rate of 300 in the year 2015.

Chlamydia cases were at a record high in 2014 in Elmira, at a rate of 344.6 while Gonorrhea rates stood at 27.1. The rate of Early Syphilis in the same year was 1.1 while that of Late Syphilis stood at 10.2.

“In Chemung County where Elmira is located, the rate of STDs is higher than New York state averages. Our effort to promote services and education on sexual health topics will tackle the issue of STDs”. Rebecca Becraft, Supervising Public Health Nurse.

However, there are plenty of STD testing clinics in Elmira City where you can get tested. Some of the clinics may offer free STD testing although doctor’s consultation might not be an option and and if the result is positive, a prescription for after test care may not be available.

Some of the clinics where you can get tested include Chemung County Health Department clinic located at 103 Washington St. which offers; Conventional blood HIV test, Gonorrhea test, Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Rapid blood HIV test, and Syphilis test.

Other clinics include Planned Parenthood of Southern Finger Lakes Elmira Health Center at 755 E Church St and Arnot Health HIV Primary Care Clinic Elmira Location 555 St Joseph Hospital.


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