What are the STI test options in Buffalo,NY?

In 2017 approximately 2.3 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported across the country. From 2015 to 2016 the rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia rose in Erie County. In 2015 the total number of gonorrhea cases was reported at 1,720 and the total number of chlamydia cases was 5,063.

In 2016, however, these numbers rose to 1,874 reported cases of gonorrhea and 5,201 cases of chlamydia for the county.

Syphilis did see a slight decrease, from 170 in 2015 to 134 in 2016. The best way to promote and maintain a decline in the prevalence of STDs throughout Buffalo is by making sure regular STD testing is a routing part of the healthcare for you and your partner.

From the Pride Center of Western New York to the Evergreen Health Services of Western New York, it’s easy to find a testing center. Community Access Services of WNY Incorporated offers services on Delaware Avenue and the MOCHA Center of Buffalo offers testing on Main Street. Different organizations cater to the unique concerns of certain groups, like teens or the LGBTQ community, and offer services like confidential testing and free condoms.

You can also get free STD testing during specific days of the year, which might not work for you. Simply check with your local health department to find out when and where.

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STD Statistics In Erie County, NY



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Erie County, NY. Data is normalized to accurately report Erie County STD Breakdown.

Known for its art deco style architecture dating back to the early 1900’s the city of Buffalo, New York is also dealing with a shortage of STD clinics and a growing number of reported cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis B, C, Syphilis and HIV which makes it important for residents to get tested regularly. While there are some free STD testing centers in Buffalo, NY the long lines have many people searching for a more convenient option. Now you can schedule private STD testing with one simply phone call and only spend 15 to 20 minutes at the local lab and still have plenty of time to visit the city’s famous Greek Revival Museum.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo and surrounding Erie County that has state and local health officials becoming more concerned. The number of reported sexually transmitted diseases is increasing each year.

While some demographical groups in Buffalo and western New York are seeing a slight decrease in STD percentage rates, others are seeing a dramatic increase. Over a twenty year period community health activists have been stressing the importance of regular STD testing among the gay and lesbian communities, and the steady drop in the number of reported HIV/AIDS diagnoses has decreased dramatically. Unfortunately this is not leading to lower STD rates for Buffalo and Erie County.

This shift between demographic groups only shows that sexually transmitted diseases are still on the rise, and Buffalo residents need to recognize the importance of regular testing. Some of the other recently released statistics that indicate Buffalo’s STD problem is far from being under control include;

  • In 2006 Buffalo and Western New York reported 2,792 cases of HIV/AIDS which is .28 percent of the national average.
  • The city of Buffalo reported a percentage of HIV infections of 359 per 100,000.
  • Eric County reported 5056 positive test results for Chlamydia in 2011, making it the most commonly transmitted STD in the area.
  • Gonorrhea rose to 1382 reported incidents.

 STD Testing Buffalo, NY

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Kaleida Health


Kaleida Health boasts state of the art technology, along with comprehensive medical care. They can test for and treat most sexually transmitted infections, thanks to their association with area medical centers and hospitals.

Some lab results will be back in a day or so, others may take up to a week. It just depends on the type of test and what you were being screened for.


Create a patient profile online, you can even check and manage your bill there. You can also call the medical center directly. Just remember, you do need to let them know you are coming in before you show up.

You do have to be 14 or older for testing. It’s state law.


Since the clinic works closely with nearby hospitals, you can get treated for any sexually transmitted disease. Even, viruses like HIV.

Some only need a prescription for treatment, while others will take a lifetime to manage. A physician will talk to you about any and which type of treatment you might need.


Even though Kaleida Health treats all types of illnesses, they also specialize in sexually transmitted infections.

Working closely with area hospitals they are able to provide excellent care that starts with the testing process.

A map is on their website and it also, conveniently lists all nearby bus routes.


1313 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14209



Evergreen Health


Evergreen Health wants to help everyone living in the western part of the state. Their dream is to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare.

The clinic is fully staffed by experienced physicians, nurses and clinicians. Results for HIV and Hep C can be back in minutes and others could take a few days.


Walk-ins are welcome, though you may need to call ahead of time if you need to be treated for a STI. Teens, over 14, and adults can get tested for a nominal fee. Testing is not free, but the clinic will work with you, if you cannot afford to pay in full.


The clinic primarily concentrates on testing, though they will make sure that you have a prescriptions for antibiotics.

They can also put you in contact with other clinics that specialize in treating sexually transmitted viruses.


This is a clinic where you will feel at ease. The staff prides itself on their down-to-earth attitude and diversity.

Everything about the clinic is transparent. You can even read their annual reports on their website.

Directions can also be located on their online site, along with what forms of payment they accept.


206 S. Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY 14201



Mocha Center


Mocha Center is a little different than other clinics in the city. They work mainly with people of color that might not be able to afford sexual health care.

They do have several social services that includes testing. However, you should be prepared to wait several days before results are back unless you choose a rapid HIV test.


Drop in anytime, during testing hours. This is a safe place for the “colored” LGBTQ community. However, no one will ever be turned away regardless of their skin color.

Testing is often free, though you can pay the clinic back. Donations are accepted or you could volunteer your time.


Not only can you get treated for sexually transmitted diseases here, you can also receive help for living and food expenses.

The clinic may only have a few doctors on staff but they do have an extensive network of nurses and counselors.


The center’s staff wants everyone to know that their “Voices are heard” at the clinic. They may primarily deal with a smaller population but they have the resources to help, and everyone is welcome to come in for testing.

A map is conveniently placed on their website and there is even a public bus that goes by. Just remember to get there early, since lines can be long.


1092 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14209



Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Pride Center


Pride Center WNY provides several services to the local LGBTQ community. Education, advice on healthy aging, activities and STI testing are only some of their programs.

A physician might not always be available but your test will be done by a qualified clinician. You can expect to get your results discreetly in a few days.


You can just go in, though you must be older than 14 years of age. Testing usually isn’t free, but they do have dates when it is. You can find this information on the clinic’s online calendar.


Even though they can’t treat STDs, they can still help. The clinic’s staff works closely with other health agencies and will see that you get the treatment you need.

They also have several workshops that deal with sexual health education. You can also find and use their support services.


The Pride Center is working hard to educate and improve the sexual health of residents that identify with the LGBTQ community.

They have several programs and activities designed to educate and bring people closer. You can follow these events on the clinic’s calendar.


200 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14201



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Buffalo


When you think of sexual health care, Planned Parenthood often comes to mind. This isn’t surprising,  they have been a mainstay in cities since 1916.

The clinic is always fully staffed with medical personnel. Some are at the top of their fields, which means the best healthcare for you. Once your test has been sent off to the lab, you can expect to wait a few days before you learn your results.


Book online or call the clinic, just let them know you are coming in advance. Teens, over 14, and adults of all ages are welcome. Just don’t forget to bring your i.d.

If you can’t afford the cost of the test, make sure you call the clinic before going in. They do have programs that might be able to help.


Even though they can screen for most STDs, they are only able to treat a few with antibiotics. They do not have the resources to treat viruses, such as Syphilis or HIV. They can put you in contact with a health center that can.


Planned Parenthood is a leader in promoting sexual health awareness. They have a long standing reputation in the cities they are located in and it is the same here.

You will find a fully staffed health center that only wants to help you. If you aren’t sure how to get to their address, there is a map on their website. They also identify the types of insurance they accept so you’ll know before you get there.


2697 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14214



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Buffalo,NY

Jesse Nash Health Center


The Erie County Health Department first started their STD clinic to combat rising rates. Since then, it has grow into a fully staffed clinic and works closely with other health organizations.

It can take over a week for results from your STD test to come back. In the meantime, you can participate in some of their educational sexual health programs.


Anyone 12 years of age and older can walk into the sexual health clinic for testing. You will need to bring something verifying your address, which can be difficult for minors that do not want to use their parents insurance.

There is a flat fee for those without insurance. However, the staff will also not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay.


If you only need a prescription, a nurse or clinician can provide that for you. Unfortunately, that is all the clinic is equipped to do when it comes to treating sexually transmitted diseases.


Erie County Health Department is worried about the health of its residents. Their expanding sexual health clinic is proof of this.

While, the waiting room is often busy it can be worth your time. It also helps to get there early to avoid potentially long lines.

You can find all the information you need on their website, along with directions on how to get there.


608 William Street Buffalo, NY 14206



Closed Monday thru Friday from 11:30 am - 1 pm.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Buffalo, NY

The state of New York does have a sexual education program designed for students and their parents, and it has been implemented in Buffalo city schools. While the school district does promote abstinence and encourages students to refrain from sexual intercourse before marriage, student STD rates are still a problem for the city.

One reason is that more students are engaging in sexual activity at a younger age. With most sexual education classes not being taught until teens are in high school, many have already tested positive for an STD.

Other causes for the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases can also be attributed to more parents choosing to opt out of the educational classes. Religious and conservative beliefs have also influenced some parents to refuse to sign permission slips for the classes, and students who simply skip the program are also contributing to the rising STD numbers.

These educational programs also stress the importance of regular STD testing, along with explaining not all infections are transmitted strictly through sexual activity. Regular Herpes testing in Buffalo can prevent the spread of this virus among teens, along with embarrassing flare ups.

Regular HIV testing in Buffalo is something else you’ll want to get done.

 STD Testing Buffalo, NY

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Buffalo, NY

STD rates in Buffalo and Erie County are skyrocketing, and there are several reasons why.

While some city officials point out that Syphilis is declining, along with the number of reported HIV/AIDS incidents in the gay and lesbian communities, others point out that these same STDs are on the rise among other demographical groups.

African American and Hispanic communities are currently seeing a spike in STDs, and this is often due to religious beliefs combined with a low income. Many residents simply cannot afford regular STD testing, and a shortage of care facilities are acerbating the issue. There is also a language barrier health officials are running into with some demographical groups and this can make communication tough.

Intravenous drug use among teens, young adults, and some residents is also contributing to the rise in STDs, and this problem only seems to be worsening in Buffalo.


Better Sexual Health in Buffalo, NY

Before touring a home designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright it is important for Buffalo residents to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly. There are testing options close by, and some are even open on Saturday and Sunday. Even though you do have other choices, they can’t offer you privacy. After the quick visit, you can head to the museum to view masterpieces by Warhol and Picasso.

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