What are the STI test options in Bronx,NY?

The Bronx ranks as the 12th most sexually diseased city in the nation. Per 100,000 residents the Bronx reports an average of 1,409 new STD diagnoses every year.

This comes out to roughly 19,847 cases of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed each year in the Bronx alone.

Along with Manhattan, the Bronx holds place as one of New York’s most disease-filled boroughs. Per 100,000 people the three most common STDs in the Bronx were reported at an average of: 1,150.1 chlamydia cases, 249.6 gonorrhea cases, and 24.1 syphilis cases.

The Bronx holds distinction for having rolled out the first borough-wide HIV testing initiative under the organizational efforts of The Bronx Knows. Many locations provide free STD testing, condoms and counseling and support services. And like many NYC services, it’s not difficult to find a testing location with weekend and late hours.

Because every year STD rates are increasing it’s important to stay safe with regular screenings. Locate a testing center near you, such as the Montefiore Medical Group on Westchester Avenue or the Albert Einstein College of Medicine on Waters Place.


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