What are the STI test options in Brooklyn,NY?

In 2017 approximately 2.3 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported across the country. Although surrounded by areas with lower STD rates, the burrough faces especially high disease prevalence.

In 2017 there were 2,157 new HIV diagnoses across New York City, with 30% of those coming from Brooklyn.

Groups like NYC Health are working to combat the growing STD problem through education and services including testing, condom access, and vaccinations. Clinics are accessible to anyone 12 years of age and older, and are often operated on a sliding scale fee, low cost, or even free STD testing. These services are only for residents and i.d. is often required. Untreated, STDs can take a serious toll on one’s health.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent such damage! Keep yourself safe and healthy with regular testing at an STD testing site near you. Brooklyn has multiple choices, from the Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center on Fulton Street to Brightpoint Health on Sterling Place. The Interfaith Medical Center on Bergen Street and the After Hours Project Incorporated on Broadway offer testing services, as well.

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STD Statistics In Kings County, NY



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Kings County, NY. Data is normalized to accurately report Kings County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Brooklyn, NY

Rates for sexually transmitted diseases are a big concern in Brooklyn as they are with all the boroughs in New York City. Rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have all experienced a recent increase which has city health officials anxious about the state of the health of their city today as well as its prospects for the future.

Chlamydia is perhaps the fastest growing STD today and females are far more likely to contract the condition than men, making sex industry workers especially vulnerable. Younger women are also more likely to contract the disease than older women and many experts point to this as a need for more pervasive sexual education via outreach programs and public service announcements in the community.


Rates throughout New York City have been on the rise for years alongside changes in how these diseases are reported. In a study of case increases and methods of reporting from 1994 to 2013, the department of Health saw an increase in reporting one through private doctors and specialized clinics. This reflects a growing sense of personal responsibility among all New Yorkers as they have begun to frequent low cost or free STD clinics less often and instead turning to Private STD Testing.

STD-Brooklyn-CHL-FemaleProvider STD-Brooklyn-CHL-MaleProvider

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

The Women's Choice


STD Testing at 14 Dekalb Ave 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

The clinic was started to address the needs of women’s health. Along with STD testing, they are also an OB/GYN center. Men are also welcome for testing if they feel like they have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease.

There are physicians available, along with support staff.

Test results can take 2 or more days but they will be delivered in a confidential manner to your phone or email address.


You do not have to have an appointment during the week, but one is necessary on Saturdays. You will need to show up at least one hour before closing, and there could be an extended wait. Mornings and late afternoons are often the busiest.

Most major insurance plans are accepted. It should be noted that payment is due at the time of the appointment and there are currently not any sliding scale fees. You can choose to only get tested for a specific STD, and this will cut down on the overall cost.


You can receive treatment for most STDs, with HIV being the exception. You can choose how you want to receive the results, either in person, by phone or email.

Some prescriptions are available and if they aren’t, the staff will help you find an affordable and convenient place to fill them. Physicians are available to discuss results and treatment, they can also put you in touch with other clinics and support groups that might better fit your needs.



Serving almost every aspect of women’s health the clinic can be busy, which is why it is recommended that you make an appointment first. It will cut down on the wait time.

There are doctors on staff to talk to, along with other clinicians that are available during business hours.

Their downtown location is easy to get to, and there is even limited free parking. The center also has other locations throughout the borough. You can find these listings on their website. They all provide the same services, just one might be a little closer to you.


14 Dekalb Ave 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


STD Testing at The Women's Choice


Closed on Sundays and no walk-ins on Saturday.

Boro Park OB/GYN


STD Testing at 5925 15th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA

Started as a clinic for women, it has held true to that initial premise. There are very few services for men, though they can be tested for some STDs.

Doctors are available before, during and after the test. There are also clinicians ready to discuss your concerns and questions.

Test results will take a few days, and it is important to remember that currently the STDs they check for is limited and does not include HIV.


You will need to call first, before coming in. You will also be asked for any insurance information or other methods of payment. All fees for the test is due up front, and there are not any sliding scale policies currently in effect.

If you do use insurance, proof will be required. You will also need to bring i.d. Any age is welcome, including teens and pre-teens.


If genital warts are detected, treatment can be done in office. The cost is extra, though it is usually covered by insurance.

You can also receive the HPV vaccine so you can be protected. If the virus is found, the center has treatment options that include being referred to a specialist.

All of your options will be explained before testing and after.


Started for and focused on women’s health of all ages, this clinic can provide the care you need. It even welcomes male clients that are looking to be tested for STDs.

There are several groups that include ones that center on education and support. It is also relatively easy to find and get to, even if you do not own a vehicle.


5925 15th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA


STD Testing at Boro Park OB/GYN


Closed on weekends and holidays

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Star Program


STD Testing at 450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, USA

A combination of an urgent care and STD clinic, you can find and get testing and treatment here. If you are diagnosed with HIV, they do not have long-term treatment but can help you find the services you need.

Doctors are always on staff and available to speak to. This applies to registered patients and those that simply walk-in.

Test results will take a few days before they are available but someone will be able to explain everything to you.


As a walk-in clinic anyone, regardless of age is welcome. State mandates also include teens that want to be tested without a parent’s consent.

Payment is due at the time of service, and this includes insurance, cash or credit card.


Treatment, along with prescriptions are available for all STDs with the exception of HIV. You might be able to get prescriptions filled but it will depend on a few factors that will be explained to you.

Follow-up visits can be scheduled. The clinic can also help with any additional referrals. There is also an after-hours number that you can call if you need to speak to a nurse. Physicians are only available at the clinic, in person.


Even though they cover several aspects of a person’t health, they are working to help eliminate STDs in the burough.

Testing is usually quick and easy, even for those that just walk-in.

Along with their office on Clarkson Ave, they also have additional clinics. You can find their addresses on the website. This way you can see if this one is the most convenient option for you.


450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, USA


STD Testing at Star Program


Closed on weekends and holidays

Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Brooklyn, NY


STD Testing at 44 Court St 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

One advantage of PP is the fact that there is a doctor on the premises, along with trained staff that includes counselors.

The disadvantage is that it can take several days for you to receive your test results. Part of this is due to the fact that they do not have rapid testing. Another reason for the potential long wait is a backup at the lab.

You can rest assured that their testing equipment is safe and reliable and the staff will be there to answer any questions, along with provide reassurance if needed.


You will need to make an appointment either through their online portal or with a phone call. Walk-ins will not be accepted, since it is normal for the clinic’s schedule to fill up every day.

Insurance and other methods of payment is accepted, though it is due at the time of services. There are not any sliding scale fees, nor is free testing offered. Identification will also be required to verify that you are the one that made the initial appointment.


Treatment is available at the clinic for all STDs, except HIV. They will provide your test results and help you find treatment, just not at that facility.

Vaccines for certain STIs are also available. You can also take advantage of their educational classes and support groups.


Located on Court St, close to public transportation lines, it’s not hard to find the clinic.

Private rooms for counseling before and after testing help to put clients at ease. There are also options for treatment that includes help getting prescriptions filled. While they do not treat HIV, they will help you find the care you need.


44 Court St 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood Brooklyn, NY


These hours are subject to change.

City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Brooklyn,NY

Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center


STD Testing at 1456 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA

The clinic covers several different aspects of a person’s health, but they specialize in treatment for HIV and Hepatitis C.

There are doctors on hand to answer any questions, along with a full support team that includes nurses and clinicians.

Results usually only take a few days to receive and they are delivered confidentially. You can speak to a staff member at that time or request a meeting with a specialist.


Everyone is welcome at the clinic. In some instances minors might need parental consent but this often only applies to certain treatments if you are positive. All of this will be explained when you make your appointment. You can also walk-in but it might be better to call first.

All forms of payment are accepted. There is also a free program for those that qualify. Information, along with the forms to fill out can be found on the clinic’s website.


The clinic has after-care treatment for all STDs, especially for those diagnosed with HIV or Hepatitis C.

You can speak to a doctor after your test results and ask questions about your treatment options. Prescriptions can be filled, and they will also help you with referrals if you prefer to have treatment somewhere else.


Even though the health center can be busy, you rarely have a long wait. This is especially true if you booked online and already have the necessary forms filled out.

Two entrances, front and rear, help to ensure your privacy. Though the rear entrance is mainly used for their clients diagnosed with HIV.

You can receive both tests and treatment here, and they will help enroll you in a free or sliding scale program if you qualify.


1456 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA


STD Testing at Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center


The door closes one hour prior to closing time. The clinic also observes most holidays.

Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

CityMD Urgent Caare


STD Testing at 8712 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA

Even though this is an urgent care walk-in clinic, the wait is usually surprisingly short. Often less than 10 minutes, after you have filled out the required forms.

The time for test results does vary, usually a couple of days. However, if you decided to get a rapid HIV test, you can know if you are positive or negative in 20 minutes. There is a lab that helps to speed up the results, but it can still take awhile for other test results to come back.



This is a “walk- in” clinic so all you need to do is show up during business hours. Usually, there is less of a wait in the early afternoon during the week. Wait times on weekends can be longer, though often still under 30 minutes.

Most types of insurance is accepted, along with any state or government issued plans. You do have to pay for the test the same day you receive it, and there are not any sliding scale fee programs available.

All ages are welcome, though some minors may be asked to provide parental consent if they are younger than 16.


Treatment is available for all STDs, except HIV. However, they can provide temporary treatment for AIDS related complications before you are moved to a specialty clinic.

Prescriptions can be filled, and counseling is also available. You can also speak to a physician after you receive your results.

Follow up checkups will need an appointment, and the staff will help you set them up. If you do have an emergency, you can come back anytime during normal business hours.


This is only one of the locations you can find throughout the city and burough. Thanks to the wide transit lines, both bus and subway, getting there is relatively easy.

The lack of a long wait is an advantage, though privacy can be lacking. It is an urgent care clinic that provides additional services other than STI testing.

Friendly staff that is also knowledgeable will help put you at ease, you can also receive all necessary treatments which is always convenient.


8712 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA


STD Testing at CityMD Urgent Caare


The clinic hours change on holidays.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Brooklyn, NY

With rates for STDs climbing, one of the most effective forms of prevention is education. The New York State Board of Education has adopted a fairly comprehensive and far reaching approach when it comes to sex education. The program support and advocates for abstinence but also arms students with an understanding of how to use a condom and details on national averages on things like when young adult lose their virginity and rates on teenage pregnancy and the spread of STDs.

Brooklyn based Planned Parenthood offices also offer instruction on sexual health and detailed information on options for birth control. They offer services and advice to people on a sliding scale which makes them a better alternative for people who still lack insurance or who aren’t covered for reproductive health under their current plan. Planned Parenthood also offers regular workshops including programs like “Taking Care of You” and Teen Advocacy which aims to help young adults learn how to stand up for themselves more effectively and make better decisions when it comes to relationships and sex.

Herpes has been on the rise nationally for years and Brooklyn isn’t immune. New York City has been cited as being higher than the national average when it comes to the spread of herpes with current estimates stating 1 in 4 New Yorkers carry the virus. Herpes testing isn’t always conducted during the course of other tests as people feel it’s a condition they don’t need to worry about but the truth is that herpes can complicate other conditions and make a person more vulnerable to other illnesses such as colds or the flu.

HIV and AIDS testing are, by this point, a matter of routine for most STD clinics. Obtaining an HIV test in Brooklyn is fairly easy and can be done on most doctor’s offices as well as reproductive health clinics. HIV testing has been heavily promoted through the Brooklyn Known health initiative by the New York Department of Health.


Although STDs and overall sexual health affects every person in Brooklyn, there are certain people who are more at risk. People living in areas where poverty is the norm are much less likely to stay in school or to get involved with sexual education programs aimed at adults. Younger people are also less likely to worry about disease as they often feel like just about anything can be cured.

But the stark reality is that with STDs on the rise, the health of the city becomes increasingly at risk. Chronic STDs like herpes and chlamydia can be effectively treated but early detection is key. Left too long these conditions can affect not only the overall health of a person, but their future health as well.

At the same time, health care options within Brooklyn are becoming more difficult to find in spite of the number of STD clinics available. He demand on these clinics has risen and many people find themselves stuck with no convenient option when it comes to obtaining a quick and confidential STD test.

Better Sexual Health in Brooklyn, NY

Today there are more ways than ever for people to take control of their own health and sexual well-being. With clinics that offer drop in appointments and quick testing times, Brooklyn residents can swing by and get an STD test done privately and confidentially without it taking up their entire day.

These tests should be done regularly for all adults who are sexually active, even if they believe their chance for infection is minimal. As with so many other conditions, early detection is the best hope for fast and effective treatment and getting checked out also gives you peace of mind. Brooklyn is a resilient town filled with people who know that working hard means playing hard, too. Taking control of your sexual health and getting an STD test takes less than twenty minutes and once it’s done, you can kick back and ‘fuhgeddaboudit’ and get on with your life.