What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Florida Ridge,FL?

Florida Ridge, FL, is an area in Indian River County that’s experiencing a significant increase in STD cases. It had 444 new infections in 2015, and in 2018 it reported 491.

Gonorrhea numbers are going up. In 2015, the area only had 70 cases. In 2018, the county had 157. 

Total syphilis cases are also an issue. In 2015, Indian River County had 17 new infections. That number jumped to 44 in 2018. A 2019 report for the area confirmed cases were still increasing, with 49 syphilis infections.

Florida Ridge and Indian County River officials are concerned about the rising number of STD infections in the area. They’re urging citizens to be extra-cautious and seek out regular STD testing to stop the spread of these preventable diseases. 

You will find several locations near Florida Ridge and in Indian River County that offer comprehensive STD screenings. Many of these sites also provide treatment and follow-up care.

Services are available the Treasure Coast Community Health South Indian River County Medical and Dentist Office on 9th St. SW in Vero Beach and the Whole Family Health Center Vero Beach Clinic on 37th Pl. Another option is the Florida Department of Health in Indian River County on 27th St. in Vero Beach. 

Some facilities may provide access to free STI testing. When using these resources, consider if the center offers treatment and how long it will take to get an appointment. Most locations are walk-in that require an extensive wait.