What are the STI test options in Greenacres,FL?

In 2010, 3483 cases of Chlamydia incidences were reported in Palm Beach County at a rate of 263.8 per 100,000 cases. The frequencies increased significantly to 6,039 in 2018 at a rate of 418.7 per 100,000 cases. 

Similarly, Gonorrhea incidences increased from 916 cases in 2010 at a rate of 69.4 per 100,000 cases to 1,467 occurrences at a rate of 101.7 per 100,000 cases. Only 7 cases of Congenital Syphilis were reported in 2018 in the county.

HIV incidences reduced from 468 incidences in 2007 at a rate of 35.9 per 100,000 cases to 323 incidences at a rate of 22.9 per 100,000 cases in 2017.

Through programs like Partner Notification services, the Division of Disease Control and Health Protection of Florida’s Health Department continues to work to reduce STD growth in the region.

The Center for Sexual Health and Education located on Lake Word Rd, Palm Beach Women’s Clinic in South Jog Rd, Lake Worth, and United Deliverance Community in Broadway Avenue, West Palm Beach are among the available STD testing options in Greenacres.

Other options you can check out include Presidential Women’s Center in Northpoint Pkwy, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth Clinic in Southwinds Dr, Lake Worth, and Planned Parenthood-West Palm Beach Health Center in Village Blvd Suite 904, West Palm Beach.

Some clinics offer free STD testing services for some STDs, though doctor consultation might be an extra charge. Moreover, bookable appointments might not be an option in such cases.

Which one is right for you?