What are the STI test options in Boynton Beach,FL?

As part of the Miami metropolitan area, Boynton Beach shares that city’s STD problems, though its rates are lower than some of the surrounding cities.

In 2017, there were 8218 people living with HIV or AIDS in Palm Beach County. 866 of them were in Boynton Beach. 2699 were in West Palm Beach, in contrast. Palm Beach County’s HIV prevalence rate in 2015 was 639 per 100K people, a bit above Florida’s rate.

Palm Beach County’s 2017 chlamydia rate was lower than the Florida rate, at 417.3 per 100K people, but that’s still high enough to cause concern. The gonorrhea and infectious syphilis rates were 97.7 and 7.8, also under the Florida rates.

There are a few STD-testing clinics in Boynton Beach, and more options in the surrounding areas. At least one faith-based clinic provides free STD testing for HIV only. Express Walk-In Medical Center on Quantum Blvd screens for STDs, as does Xpress Urgent Care on Gateway Blvd.

MD Now Urgent Care provides confidential STD and HIV testing. You can find them on Congress Ave.

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STD Statistics In Palm Beach County, FL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Palm Beach County, FL. Data is normalized to accurately report Palm Beach County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Boynton Beach, FL

A recent study shows that southern Florida will have the highest occurrence of HIV in the country. The STD problem in the area has increased so much that the federal government has provided the state with a $34 million grant to begin HIV prevention for the communities that are at most risk.

Other STDs have also seen similar increases, including Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. Palm Beach County has seen a 30% spike in STD cases in a five year period, with cases rising from 4,972 to 6,419.

HIV is not the only STD problem present in city and its surrounding communities. The following STD concerns have also been released.

  • 19 million cases of new sexually transmitted diseases occur every year, with two out of three cases in Florida being under the age of 25.
  • Lawmakers strongly believe that social media and dating apps have contributed to the significant increase in STD rates.
  • A teenager is affected every 8 seconds with an STD in southern Florida.
  • Uninsured HIV patients is a concern for the state. Lifetime HIV care is estimated at $379,000, with as many as 30% of Florida HIV patients being uninsured.

The increase in HIV rates in the area has many lawmakers worried. Regular STD testing can slow the progression of the HIV disease and can prevent the increasing spread of the disease.

STD Testing Boynton Beach Gardens, FL

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near
Boynton Beach,FL

Genesis Community Health,Boynton Beach Medical


STD Testing at 709 South S Federal Hwy Suite 3, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, USA

Genesis Community Health, a federally qualified health center, was created ten years ago as the result of a study that pinpointed Boynton Beach as a location that was highly in need of more access to primary care. There was large population of underinsured and low-income individuals in the area who were clogging up the emergency room with primary care needs. 

Today, the network runs clinics in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, and other nearby communities. They serve more than six thousand patients every year with an assortment of medical and social services. 


Patients must bring some form of proof of income to qualify for the sliding fee scale program. 


Patients may speak to doctors during appointments or walk-in consultations. There is pharmacy inside the clinic that fills prescriptions. 


TheBoynton Medical Center is run by the Genesis Community Health network of clinics. Individuals who are interested in STD testing and screening may also be interested to know that the center is capable of offering dental and primary care services with other specialists. 

Testing is overseen by professional doctors and nurses, and they will offer referral and helpful information to patients. 


709 South S Federal Hwy Suite 3, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, USA


STD Testing at Genesis Community Health,Boynton Beach Medical


FoundCare Incorporated, West Palm Beach/Palm Springs Office


STD Testing at 2330 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, USA

FoundCare is a federally qualified health center that is a non-profit health care provider that operates a network of clinics in Palm Beach County. Their goal is to meet the unmet healthcare and social service needs of communities in the county. They help individuals and families with dental care, chronic disease management, behavioral counseling, and lab work. They treat more than fourteen thousand patients every year in their clinics. 

There is an on-site pharmacy at all of their locations and they are proud to offer a sliding fee scale based on household size and income. 


Free HIV testing is only provided for individuals aged 14 and older. Free Hepatitis C testing is available to the general public. 


There are doctors on site in many different specialties who can be consulted after booking an appointment at the clinic. Regular check-ups and follow-up appointments are encouraged. There is a pharmacy on-site. 


The FoundCare Palm Springs Office is a multi-service health center that is a convenient stop for anyone looking for answers to their medical problems. They are staffed by specialists who are equipped with modern medical technology and will be happy to run tests for patients. 

First time patients looking to be tested for STDs can book an appointment online. It is important to note that HIV testing is provided for free, but only for patients who are older than 14. 


2330 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, USA


STD Testing at FoundCare Incorporated, West Palm Beach/Palm Springs Office


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near
Boynton Beach,FL

AIDS Healthcare Foundation,AHF Lake Ida Healthcare Center


STD Testing at 200 Congress Park Dr #210, Delray Beach, FL 33445, USA

The AIDS Health Care Foundation is a non-profit organization that is headquartered in Los Angeles that provides top quality medical care and advocacy services to more than a million people across the world. They are the largest HIV/AIDS medical care provider in the United States at the moment. The organization works closely with local pharmacies and other stores to better understand communities and what they might require for medical care. 

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation employs more than six thousand employees around the world, two thousand of which work in the United States, helping almost a hundred thousand individuals every year. The Foundation offers a wide spectrum of medical and social programs. 


HIV tests are provided on a first come first served basis and is free for the general public. 


There are no doctors at the facility but referral services to a specialist are possible. 


The AHF Lake Ida Healthcare Center is run by the AIDS Health Care Foundation, a multi-national group that focuses on providing medical attention and advocacy services to those who need it. 

The keys to their strategy lie in generating strategic partnerships and creating innovative methods of treatment and prevention of the HIV virus. 


200 Congress Park Dr #210, Delray Beach, FL 33445, USA


STD Testing at AIDS Healthcare Foundation,AHF Lake Ida Healthcare Center


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
Boynton Beach,FL

Planned Parenthood of South East and North Florida Incorporated,Boca Raton Health Center


STD Testing at 8177 Glades Rd, 25 Bay 25 Bay, Boca Raton, FL 33434, USA

Planned Parenthood is an international organization, based in the United States, that advocates for more expansive sexual health education and advocates for underserved populations in the area of reproductive health care. 

Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida was founded in 1971 and is a proponent for the values espoused by the parent organization. They stand firmly behind reproductive self-determination and a universal right to privacy. They run 11 medical centers in the state that will serve every patient regardless of cultural background, income, and marital status. 


Patients who are not insured could qualify for state-sponsored programs to cover their medical fees. A sliding fee scale is also available. 


Doctors at Planned Parenthood encourage patients to come in for a follow-up consultation after their initial appointment. Regular check-ups can be booked at the clinic online or by calling in. 


The Planned Parenthood clinic in Boca Raton is a very busy clinic during the week. There are lots of walk-in patients, and the staff will recommend that individuals book an appointment by calling in to ensure that they are seen by the appropriate specialists when they come in. 

The center also offers the chance for individuals to pick up emergency contraception as well as transgender care. 


8177 Glades Rd, 25 Bay 25 Bay, Boca Raton, FL 33434, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood of South East and North Florida Incorporated,Boca Raton Health Center


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Boynton Beach,FL

Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County, Lantana Lake Worth Health Center


STD Testing at 1250 Southwinds Dr, Lantana, FL 33462, USA

The Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County is responsible for the health and well-being of more than one million residents in Palm Beach County. It has been operating for more than 50 years and runs individual branch clinics, like the Lantana Lake Worth Health Center, to better understand the needs and wants of smaller communities as well as addressing their health issues. 

Each clinic that operates under the Department of Health offers programs such as disease prevention, school health and education, as well as primary care for the indigent population. 


Patients are asked to bring state ID as well as proof of income to qualify for a sliding fee scale. Free condoms are available in the lobby.


Regular check-ups and follow-up sessions with physicians can be arranged by calling the clinic during business hours. 


The Lantana Lake Worth Health Center is run by the Florida Department of Health. As a government institution, the doctors and other staff at the center are guaranteed to be professional and certified by the proper organizations. 

In addition to STD testing and screening, the center also offers services such as free immunizations for children and parental education in child care. 


1250 Southwinds Dr, Lantana, FL 33462, USA


STD Testing at Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County, Lantana Lake Worth Health Center


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near
Boynton Beach,FL

Helix Urgent Care


STD Testing at 2720 10th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL 33461, USA

Helix Urgent Care has been in business for more than 10 years as a network of clinics that specialize that provide urgent medical care services in addition to general primary care programs. They have clinics in Deerfield Beach, Palm Springs, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Stuart. These clinics can diagnose and treat everything from respiratory and sinus infections to work related injuries.

In addition to their STD testing and screening services, they also can help with school, sports, and camp physicals as well as immigration physicals. 


Medicare is accepted at this location but not Medicaid. Patients are asked to bring photo identification and insurance cards. 


Helix Urgent Care clinics offer regular check ups overseen by licensed physicians upon booking an appointment. 


The Helix Urgent Care center in Palm Springs is particularly convenient because it is open every day of the week in case there an emergency and one needs to book an appointment to see a specialist. 

The Helix Urgent Care group also has a modern website with a handy patient portal and appointment booking function that absolves the patient from dealing with administrative staff before arriving for an appointment. 


2720 10th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL 33461, USA


STD Testing at Helix Urgent Care


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Boynton Beach, FL

The state of Florida is increasing their STD testing and sexual education efforts. With so many new cases of STDs lying in the under 25 age category, Boynton Beach, Florida is taking a preventative STD education effort at teenagers.

However, prevention efforts may be thwarted with outdated tactics. Social media has made dating in today’s times more convenient, but can be a dangerous contributor to STD infections. Some of the sites are used specifically for quick hook ups, whereas partners know very little about their sexual partners, including their sexual history or STD infections. Although testing is extremely important, the prevention piece is important here.

Many counties, including Palm Beach County, have set up STD prevention programs. These programs have the main goal of reducing the incidence numbers of STDs. They provide education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Regular HIV  and STD testing is important in reducing the high occurrence rates of STDs in the area. The quick and confidential testing could actually save your life, as both HIV treatment and Herpes has the best chance or remittance when it is found early.

These prevention efforts are an important part in reducing high HIV and other STD rates. However, they also need to be geared towards the state’s youth. The youth are more likely to engage in online dating and dating apps, making them more susceptible to unprotected sexual encounters. Some county officials believe putting warning signs on these dating apps may prove to be beneficial.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Boynton Beach, FL

The state is home to many tourist cities, along with several popular beaches. The increase of populations from all over the world contributes to the STD occurrence problem. Area residents, especially the youth, are met with more tempting opportunities as there is a never ending supply of new partners.

Many of the city’s residents are also part time residents, visiting vacation homes or sporadically throughout the year. These residents flock to the warmer weather and beautiful landscapes with a different mentality. They may be on vacation time, lowering their restrictions and not thinking about their consequences as much. Many also wrongly believe that nothing bad will happen on vacation.

Residents do have a higher than national average median income level. With higher expendable incomes and median wages, residents have more disposable incomes, further contributing to the vacation mentality. The city is home to a a larger hispanic population, approximatley 21.1%, with another almost 3% considering themselves as being of more than one race. This mixing pot community often leads to an increase in STD occurence rates.

Although free STD clinics may be present throughout the city, residents may be ashamed or uncomfortable visiting them. They may be embarrassed to admit they were not responsible, whether vacationing or not. Feelings of guilt may also be present in youth who cannot locate or name their hookup. Immigrants are unaware of the free STD testing locations and may be hesitant to work with locals.

STD Testing Boynton Beach, FL

Better Sexual Health in Boynton Beach, FL

It is no question why thousands of tourists travel to this sunny city every year. It is also not all that surprising that the area has higher than average STD rates. Residents and tourists need to make it a point to get regular testing for all commonly transmitted sexual diseases. This includes Herpes and HIV testing in Boynton Beach.