What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Kinston,NC?

Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis, herpes, HPV and HIV among many has been on dramatic high every year. HIV prevalence rate in North Carolina has been 1,835 for blacks and African American, 868 for people younger than 30 years, and 647 for gays, bisexuals and MSM community per 100,000.

According to the NC Department of Health and Human Services STD data, in 2015 there were 29,935 HIV cases with new diagnoses of 1,336 at a rate of 13.4. syphilis reported cases were 1,866 at the rate of 18.6, gonorrhea had 17,047 cases up from 14,970 in 2014. 54,383 incidences of chlamydia were reported at a rate of 541.5.

STD infection rates among the 15-24-year-old, 24-29 years old has been significantly higher than the state and national rate. This is explained by increased risky sex behavior, less STD campaigns and testing centers and limited knowledge of health impact.

Kinston which is the Seat of Lenoir County has had its health department create awareness and educate the public on how to stop or prevent STD transmissions. This is done with a focus on high risk populations.

STD testing in public facilities is effective and confidential. Some of the public health centers in Kinston include the Lenoir County Health Department offices located on McLewean street 201 N in Kinston and the Greene County Health Department along 227 Kingold Ste B in Snow Hill North Carolina.

Although local clinics within Kinston may provide free STD testing services, some health centers may not allow to see doctor on the premises or they might delay releasing your results for up to 2 weeks. In addition, you might be limited to only one mode of payment if you’re seeking consultation services.