What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Marblehead,MA?

National STD statistics have been quite alarming with 55,608 cases of gonorrhea, 30,664 cases of syphilis and more than 1.7 cases of chlamydia reported in 2017. This has been a 67%, 76% and 45% increase respectively, creating a public health emergency on how to contain the spread. Marblehead in Essex County perfectly mirrors this situation.

Essex County has had a high HIV infection rate of 342 cases per 100,000 making presently over 25,000 people to live positively. In 2009, 278 new diagnoses were made, today with increased survival rates the new diagnoses years have climbed to over 300.

According to CDC findings of 2015, the county had 1,345 new cases of HIV, 1,866 cases of syphilis, 14,970 new incidences of gonorrhea and 54, 383 cases of chlamydia.

Essex County health authorities have partnered with education institution in teaching about sexual health. The initiative has also enrolled community outreach programs to have people diagnosed and treated before they get to irreversible STD linked health complications such as infertility, pelvic and abdominal pain and inflammation, blindness just to highlight a few.

Residents in Marblewood can visit the Health Quarters Beverly Health Center, North Shore Community Health Incorporated and the Lynn Community Health Center for STI testing and screening services.

In addition, local clinics within Marblehead may provide free STD testing to the general public. However, some of these services might not be free and the clinics might charge you to consult a doctor on site. Sometimes, the STD results might delay for several days and you might receive aftercare prescriptions if your results turn positive.