What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Rockland,MA?

STD/HIV infections have become a significant concern in Rockland, MA, a town in Plymouth County. HIV cases were dominant in the county as 936 cases were reported at a rate of 216 in 2018. This was an increment from the previously 834 infections at a rate of 196 recorded in 2017.

Chlamydia had a prevalence of 45 infections in 2017, which slightly gained to 6 at a rate of 51 in 2018. As the number of HIV/Chlamydia cases increased, Gonorrhea decreased from 15 cases in 2017 to less than 5 in 2018.       

Preventive measures for both HIV and STD are the same, and the Plymouth County Health Department is working to reduce the prevalence of the diseases by educating the residents on healthy sexual behaviors. The county has set up mobile testing centers to increase the testing rate to determine the prevalence and, in turn, provide the essential sexual health services, such as care, treatment, and counseling.          

In case you want to know your sexual status, Rockland, MA, town has several health amenities where you can access free STD testing anytime. However, bookable appointments might not be an option, and doctors’ consultation might not be available.

Most health care centers in Rockland, MA, offer comprehensive STD and HIV screening, testing, care, counseling, and treatment. They include Planned Parenthood- Greater Boston Health Center and CareWell Urgent Care. Apart from the aforementioned health centers, South Shore Hospital and Boston Medical Center also provide essential sexual health services, and they are easily accessible within the town.