What are the STI test options in Worcester,MA?

Health officials are worried about the high STD rates in Worcester, especially the fact that condom use has decreased. They advocate better sex education for youth and regular STD testing.

Social stigma can prevent youth and LGBTQ individuals from seeking treatment, but STD-testing clinics are discreet. Don’t be afraid to get tested.

In 2015, 43 people were diagnosed with HIV, for a rate of 6.2 per 100K people. In 2016, there were 2,582 chlamydia cases, with a rate of 315.3. The gonorrhea rate for the same year was 36.4, and it was 5.7 for primary and secondary syphilis, with one case of congenital syphilis in Worcester County. While those numbers are under the Massachusetts rates, the problem is that they’re going up.

At least one organization provides free STD testing on a walk-in basis (there may be a wait, increasing the likelihood someone will see you there). AFC Urgent Care Worcester provides lab testing services, including STDs, at two locations: Stafford St and Boylston St.

Planned Parenthood is located on Pleasant St and offers testing for all STDs and treatment for all except HIV at affordable prices.

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STD Statistics In Worcester County, MA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Worcester County, MA. Data is normalized to accurately report Worcester County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Worcester, MA

Worcester has consistently remained on the list of 15 top towns or cities with high HIV percentages. Some might doubt this, given 2016 news reports stating these were still well below national averages. While this is true, the simple fact that you are still making lists for excessive STD rates shows that there is a significant problem happening. Complete lists for the metro and state can be located online or at the health dept.

 STD Testing Worcester, MA

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Clearway Clinic


STD Testing at 358 Shrewsbury St ste c, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

The Clearway Clinic provides women with non judgmental reproductive health services. Annual exams, counseling and educational materials are a few of the services they have provided for over twenty years.

As a “woman only” clinic, women can feel comfortable here, no matter the reason for their visit. This pertains to when they need to come in for STD testing.


Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is by appointment only. The tests are free but guys should be aware that this clinic is for women only.


Treatment is limited to referrals.


Clearway Clinic is on Shrrewsbury St., not far from Women’s Health of Central Massachusetts. They only screen for chlamydia and gonorrhea but these tests are free.

The main thing that mainly guys need to remember is that clinic only takes on women as patients.


358 Shrewsbury St ste c, Worcester, MA 01604, USA


STD Testing at Clearway Clinic


Akwaaba Free Health Program


STD Testing at 67 Vernon St, Worcester, MA 01610, USA

Akwaaba Free Health Program is part of a larger organization. All the clinics work together to help provide free health services to residents in need. The clinic is staffed by a team of volunteer medical personnel.

Student physicians from the nearby university also volunteer their time here. One of these medical students will probably be the ones administering the STD test.


Anyone over 14 can take advantage of the clinic’s free services. This includes STD screenings, which are only held once a week. You can come in during this time, you just might have to wait awhile.


The clinic is only able to provide diagnosis, they cannot treat STDs.


Awaaba Medical Clinic welcomes all residents in need of primary health care. Their services are free to all. Though, currently they only have testing for sexually transmitted diseases one day a week. Lines can be long but they will screen everyone that signs into the clinic before the cut off time.


67 Vernon St, Worcester, MA 01610, USA


STD Testing at Akwaaba Free Health Program


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

AIDS Project Worcester Inc


STD Testing at 85 Green St #4134, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

APW began in 1987 and has grown to become the primary provider of non medical services to those living with or have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

Their core beliefs are that through education, service and advocacy they can make a difference in their clients’ lives.


Stop by anytime the center is open. HIV testing is free to anyone 14 and older. If you can make a donation, it will be appreciated. It will help the center continue to provide services and support.


The only treatment here is through social service programs. They provide support and education, along with putting clients in touch with medical resources. All for free.


APW is working to help stop the rise in diagnosed HIV/AIDS residents. This is mainly done by education and screenings for the virus. Their services are free, though they do accept donations. You can also help out by volunteering at one of their community events.


85 Green St #4134, Worcester, MA 01604, USA


STD Testing at AIDS Project Worcester Inc


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood - Central Massachusetts Health Center


STD Testing at 470 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA 01609, USA

Planned Parenthood has a history that goes back to 1916. They are one of the worldwide leaders in sexual health research. They provide several services that are designed to help men and women stay healthy sexually. One of these is screening clients for HIV and other diseases that are usually transmitted through sexual contact.


First you need an appointment. Go online and look at their patient calendar. If you have questions, call the clinic. You can find out the cost of rapid HIV testing, along with the other types of STD tests they have.


Some STDs can be treated with antibiotics. If this is not the type of treatment you need, a counselor will help you find a provider that can help you treat or manage your symptoms.


Planned Parenthood has a reputation that dates back over 100 years. This clinic on Pleasant St., sees both women and men. You do need to schedule your visit and testing does cost. If you cannot afford to pay, they do have options. Just ask before your appointment.


470 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA 01609, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood - Central Massachusetts Health Center


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Edward M Kennedy Community Health Center


STD Testing at 19 Tacoma St, Worcester, MA 01605, USA

Founded in 1972, the staff at the clinic still believes that healthcare should involve preventing illnesses and maintaining your health, instead of only providing treatment when needed. This is one reason why they put an emphasis on having their patients get regular screenings for sexually transmitted diseases.


You do need to call the health center before showing up. They are usually too busy to accept walk-in patients. There are fees involved for this services, but they also have plans that can help minimize the cost to their clients.


One of the most common forms of treatment is antibiotics. A physician will make sure you leave with some, if this is the type of treatment you need.


The clinic has expanded since its beginning to include 10 health centers around the state. All with the same mission, to help prevent illnesses and diseases instead of just treating them when they appear.

This is their main clinic, on Tacoma St. They are not to far from the Booth Apartments and there are also public buses that stop near by.


19 Tacoma St, Worcester, MA 01605, USA


STD Testing at Edward M Kennedy Community Health Center


AFC Urgent Care Marlborough


STD Testing at 38 Boston Post Rd W, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA

AFC is part of a nationwide chain of urgent care clinics. They have several services that can help the entire family stay healthy.

Even though they do not focus on sexually transmitted diseases, they do screen for them when patients ask. rapid HIV test results are back in a couple minutes. Other tests take a little longer, usually a few days.


Walk in anytime the clinic is open. If you want an idea of the wait time, look on their website. They have approximate times displayed at the top of their page. Usually, it is around 5 to 15 minutes. You do need to pay for testing, when you come in. You can also make arrangements with their finance department.


Even though this is an urgent care clinic, they can only prescribe some medications. They are not a treatment center.


AFC is an urgent care clinic with locations across the country. They mainly diagnose and treat non emergency health concerns, which include testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

You don’t need an appointment to come in. You only need to be able to either pay your pay or make arrangements for an affordable payment plan. You can even manage your bill online so you don’t have to keep going in.


38 Boston Post Rd W, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA


STD Testing at AFC Urgent Care Marlborough


Looking for a Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinic? Let's See What's Available in Worcester, MA

Are you ready to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases but aren’t sure if there are places in town? Just look for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ sign on Pleasant St. Already known for their ability to provide quality care, you can relax knowing that any problem will be identified, and treatment will be recommended or provided. Testing for known STDs is just one of the services that offer daily so be prepared to be denied access to a doctor until you have an appointment.

Insurance isn’t a problem whether you have it or not, and there are programs funded by the state that you might qualify for. If so, the test could be free. This also holds true at the Worcester Free Clinic Coalition over on Salisbury St. Both can perform testing, and PPLM can vaccinate you against Hep and HPV.

Family Health Center of Worcester will require you to register before receiving any health service or treatment. They run multiple clinics so check to ensure that the one you are going to will be able to meet your needs. Interpreters are there to minimize confusion and to calm frayed nerves. If treatment will be needed they will be there to ensure everything is understood.

The Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center really wants to help make a difference in the health of their patients. Recognized for their quality care, they can screen for all transmittable diseases regardless of client’s ability to afford the test. Donations are accepted, and this helps keep the health center running. Without them, they would have to discontinue the free and sliding scale pay policies. They are also looking for volunteers that will help them continue with their work.

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near Worcester, MA

You’ve seen the statistics. Worcester ranks high for HIV. It’s not a mistake, the virus is appearing more often in patients of all ages and backgrounds. Using a condom or other type of prophylactic will help, but the only time you are going to be positive that you don’t have the virus is to get a blood test or oral swab. The swab is less invasive, but if you want your results that day get a rapid blood test. A conventional one or swab can take weeks before you know if there is something to worry about.

The AIDS Project Worcester Incorporated, Green St., offers conventional tests to anyone that needs it. Inability to pay won’t be an issue, even if you have insurance that won’t pay for it. You can walk in but get ready to take a seat. They help a great many in the community with everything from diagnoses to counseling, treatment and other social services.

Public clinics can be the way to go, and if you don’t mind never knowing exactly when you’ll get in there is nothing to fret about. However, if you prefer something a little simpler look at one of the private STD clinics. There are probably more than you realize. Quest Diagnostics has several labs in Worcester, and there won’t ever be a wait. Rapid tests are there, along with conventional ones for STDs and HIV. Just as affordable, sometimes more so than public health centers, it is something you’ll want to think about.


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Worcester, MA

Parents can “opt” their children out of sex health education, but the changes have been made. Schools will now teach information that is appropriate for students age and the times they live in. Proponents pushed for an “opt in” clause, but so far it has been denied.

Students will know learn about more than abstaining. Gender relations, equality and acceptance will be taught, along with signs and symptoms of possible STIs. It will take a bit before all schools are on board with this educational law, and if this applies to yours PPLM can fill in the blanks. They helped write the new standards for sex ed. and continue to teach the same material at their clinics. Literature is also free for the taking, along with condoms.

The AIDS Project Worcester Inc., runs events that are open to everyone. Just stop in or check their website for upcoming ones. FHCW on Queen St. has academics that will show you how to become a part of the solution. The family clinic also visits local schools to provide free dental care, and answer patients’ questions. Even if you’re district is completely on par with the new material being taught, there are still plenty of sources that will provide you with what you need to know.

The local universities also run health care centers and have classes that are free for registered students and facility. Drop by the student union to see what is happening on your campus. You might be surprised at what you find regarding education and STDs.


Better Sexual Health in Worcester, MA

Green Hill Park has sports, a zoo and hiking trails. If you are into Renaissance arms, head over to the Higgins Armory Museum. Catch a performance at one of the universities or have an evening out. Whatever you do enjoy yourself knowing that your test showed that you were “clean” for STDs. If you haven’t gone yet, make it the next thing to cross off on a To-do list.