What are the STI test options in Boston,MA?

Fortunately, Boston reports low rates of STD cases. In order to maintain a trend below the national average sexually active adults should undergo routine testing and follow safe sex practices.

Boston sits in Suffolk County, which is the fourth most populated county in the state of Massachusetts. STD statistics throughout Suffolk County show just why caring for your health is so important.

In 2015 163 cases of HIV were reported, which is a rate of 24 per 100,000 people. The year 2016 saw 681 cases of gonorrhea were reported, for a rate of 87.5 per 100,000. And also in 2016 the reported cases of chlamydia reached 2,334 – or 300 per 100,000 people.

However, although Boston rates of STD cases are below the national average they are still on the rise.

Outreach programs and initiatives have been spreading to educate people on the importance of barrier method protections and frank discussions about sex between partners.

There are many testing site options in the city of Boston. BAGLY has a location on Beacon Street and Massachusetts General Hospital on Fruit Street offers a variety of testing options. From Bay Cove Human Services on Canal Street to North End Waterfront Health on Hanover Street.

Free STD testing is also available for those that qualify and the Boston Public Health Commission can provide you with all the details. Sliding scale fees are another option, simply request information when you contact them.

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STD Statistics In Suffolk County, MA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Suffolk County, MA. Data is normalized to accurately report Suffolk County STD Breakdown.

Founded in 1630 and one of the oldest cities in America it is also important to visit one of the free STD testing centers in Boston, Massachusetts since it is currently experiencing an increase in the number of sexually transmitted diseases which includes Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, C, Herpes, Syphilis, and HIV. While there are STD clinics in Boston, MA the long lines has many residents searching for a different option. Now you can schedule private STD testing with one simple phone call and only spend 15 to 20 minutes in the local lab. This still gives you plenty of time to stroll along Freedom Trail and see the historic sites that were crucial in the country’s founding.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Boston, MA

Recent statistics are showing that Boston is experiencing a steady increase in STD rates, and this trend has been ongoing for the past twenty years. While recent reports show that Syphilis is decreasing slightly between 2011 and 2012, there is still a growing problem with the number of new cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea occurring each year.

In a four year period, between 2008 and 2012 the number of new Chlamydia cases rose by almost 100 per 100,000 residents, and Gonorrhea also increased in the same time frame. While the number of Syphilis diagnoses does seem to be decreasing, it should still be mentioned that it does affect more men than women. Recently released statistics also show that an estimated 63 percent of first and secondary cases of Syphilis occurred in men who regularly engaged in intercourse with other men.

This, when combined with the percentage of homosexual men with HIV/AIDS only shows that it is always important to get tested regularly for any of the infectious sexual diseases.

The statistics released by state and city health officials show that everyone is at risk of developing an STD and some of the other statistics include these sobering numbers;

  • Over 50 percent of the diagnosed cases of Chlamydia between 2011 and 2012 were in women under the age of 24.
  • Men and women ages 20 to 24 are at a higher risk of contracting Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, with teens coming in at a close second.
  • The majority of first and secondary cases of Syphilis were diagnosed in men over the age of 40.
  • Hispanic and African Americans have the highest rate of STD infections, according to statistics released in 2009.

STD Testing Boston, MA

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

MA Sexual Health Clinic


STD Testing at 55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114, USA

For over 60 years, the MA sexual health clinic has been providing screening and treatment for most sexually transmitted diseases. These services are provided in a comfortable setting by professional staff that are trained in the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections. 

Once you have been tested, it will take a few days for all your results to come back.


Even though this clinic is part of the Massachusetts General Hospital, they do not turn anyone away if they do not have insurance. Their goal is to see to everyone’s well-being and help protect you from STIs.


Part of the hospital gives you an advantage. Not only are there physicians on staff but a pharmacy where it is easy to get any prescriptions filled. If you need additional care or your symptoms worsen, they can easily transfer you to the main hospital.


The hospital STI clinic offers innovative and comprehensive care for their patients. They have a wide range of clinical services that can care for patients with infectious diseases.

Their physicians are active in a broad range of basic and clinical research activities that work to improve the quality of care you receive. 


55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114, USA


STD Testing at MA Sexual Health Clinic


Fenway Health Clinic


STD Testing at 142 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116, USA

Fenway  clinic is proud to offer Generation 4 testing. This looks for antibodies and an antigen. An antigen is present in those that have only recently been infected with HIV. It appears within 14 days of exposure. This gives their physicians a better chance of catching the virus and starting treatment almost immediately. 


While there are several Fenway associated clinics around the city, this is the only one that offers free STD and HIV testing. You will need to call first before showing up. However, from 4 pm to 6 pm on Thursdays you can just walk in.


Symptomatic bacterial STDs can be treated here. If you are positive for a virus, such as HIV you will need to take your referral to another clinic.


Fenway prides itself on being a safe place to receive testing and counseling for those affected by HIV or other STDs. The staff is professional and respectful and will treat you the way they would want to be treated.



142 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116, USA


STD Testing at Fenway Health Clinic


MAP for Health


STD Testing at 322 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116, USA

MAP was started 20 years ago to address the need for counseling, support, referral and screening services for the Asian and Pacific Islander community in the city. Currently, they comprise 9 percent of the city’s population.

Testing without appointments are only done on Fridays, which can delay the time it takes for results to come back.


Drop-in hours are only for a few hours on Friday. Even though the clinic has the rest of the week marked as “closed”, they still see patients with an appointment. Hours do vary and it could take up to a week to get an appointment you want.

Testing is free. This is a non-profit group. While. they do not discriminate the majority of their clients are Asian or Pacific Islanders.


They do not provide treatment here but they do have support groups and can refer you. All of this will be explained when you come back in for test results.


MAP addresses the sexual health needs of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the city. They are culturally respectful and do welcome everyone regardless of their nationality.

You can drop in one day a week, otherwise you need to call. Testing is also free, along with the other services they offer.


322 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116, USA


STD Testing at MAP for Health


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Project Trust


STD Testing at 721 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118, USA

Project Trust was started to help people struggling with addiction. They quickly realized that many substance abusers were at a higher risk for contracting a STD. Over the years they have expanded to include testing for a few of these viruses.

It might take a few days to get your results back but in the meantime you can take advantage of their services that work to help you reduce your risk.


Anyone can drop in. You do not need to have a substance abuse problem. Testing can be free, but you will want to ask about dates and times for the free services. You also want to get there a few minutes before closing, since the evening hours are their busiest.


Even though, treatment isn’t an option at Project Trust they can still help by putting you in touch with clinics and physicians that can. They will take into account your financial status and help you find a center that can help.


If you are a substance abuser, you can find help here. They will also provide testing to find out the status of your sexual health. While there is not any treatment, you can still take part in counseling and support programs.

They will even help you find employment and living quarters.


721 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118, USA


STD Testing at Project Trust


AIDS Action


STD Testing at 75 Amory St, Boston, MA 02119, USA

The mission of AAC is to put an end to HIV/AIDS. Their outreach programs center on those that cannot afford traditional care and the physicians and researchers on staff are working to improve the outcome of those diagnosed with a sexually transmitted virus. 

A trained counselor will administer the test and you should know your status in a few days, at the most.


Appointments do need to made over the phone, but you can often get in that day. Just call early in the morning. Testing is free and you do not need to bring any documents showing proof of income. Simply come in a few minutes before your appointment to fill out the new patient form.


Part of your visit includes confidential counseling to help your decision to get tested and the impact your status could have on your life. Once your results are back you can request copies to share with your physician. Otherwise, treatment is not offered here.


AAC is a community oriented clinic that wants everyone to feel welcome. Testing is free and a trained counselor will help you understand your risks and how having a sexually transmitted disease could impact your life.



75 Amory St, Boston, MA 02119, USA


STD Testing at AIDS Action


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood of Boston


STD Testing at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, USA

Staffed by qualified medical personnel, you will feel at home the minute you step in the door. While you are waiting to see a physician you can pass the time reading some of their literature that covers the dangers of leaving a sexually transmitted infection untreated.

Testing is easy and painless. A physician may perform a routine examination just to ensure your overall health. You will get results back in a relatively brief time, usually only a few days.


They welcome walk-in patients that show up at least one hour before closing. It is also based on availability that day. If the patient rooster is already full, you will have to return the next day. They do suggest you call ahead and it more convenient to schedule an appointment either by the phone or online.


Some of your treatment options include getting medications. Even if you are negative you can still take advantage of some of their educational classes. Free condoms are available to further help you protect yourself.


Planned Parenthood is a leader in providing quality and affordable health care. They provide a number of services without ever passing judgement on their clients. With or without insurance, you can always come to us for your health care.


1055 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood of Boston


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Boston, MA

The historic city of Boston is experiencing a steady rise in its rate of STDs, which makes it more important than ever to get tested regularly. The high number of sexually transmitted diseases in teens and young adults seem to show that the city’s sexual education programs are not working as well as health officials hoped.

Boston does have a sexual education program in its public school system, and the city also has condoms available and does teach students the proper way to use the prophylactics. While some residents might point out that the high number of sexually transmitted diseases among teens and college students indicate that these programs are not working, health officials simply point out that the statistics would be much worse without these educational classes.

One of the reasons that education is not always successful is that students must have parental consent to participate in these classes, which is not always given. Sometimes this is due to parental belief that these classes are not appropriate for their child, while other students simply never turn their permission slips back in.

Regardless of the reason there is still a high risk for students to develop an STD, and many do not understand the importance of regular testing. Herpes testing in Boston is important for students since this virus can be transmitted without sexual contact. HIV testing in Boston is also critical and without education many residents do not understand how important this is

 STD Testing Boston,MA

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Boston, MA

Demographics plays a large role in the rate of STDs, and the city of Boston is no exception. This historic city has a diverse population, but unfortunately statistics show that African Americans are at a greater risk of contracting Chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Income and cultural beliefs are some of the reasons for the higher number of STDs reported in predominately African American neighborhoods. Lower income households often cannot afford regular STD testing, and these same individuals often lead a lifestyle that puts them at a higher risk.

Cultural beliefs also make it difficult for city and state health officials to stress the importance of regular testing, especially for teens who might fear their parents reaction if they learn that their child is sexually active. Many cultures also look down on men who admit that they have an STD which can make it difficult to ensure everyone is tested regularly.

Other factors that contribute to the growing STD epidemic include the simple belief many young adults feel that it could never happen to them.

Better Sexual Health in Boston, MA

In between tours of the city’s historic sites make sure you get tested regularly for any sexually transmitted disease, especially considering Boston’s high rate of infection. There are a few clinics for residents to go to but the long lines  has many people choosing a more convenient option. Now you can schedule confidential STD testing with one simple phone call and avoid potentially running into someone you know. You can also avoid the long wait so you can still catch a Red Socks game or visit the shops at historic Faneuil Hall.