What are the STI test options in Lexington,MA?

A shocking amount of HIV cases emerged in Middlesex Sex County, MA just last year. A total of 5,831 cases were reported, these being the total number of persons living with HIV in 2018 plus the number of those who suffered an HIV/AIDS related death. Thus in 2018 there were 3,879 people living with HIV in Middlesex County, MA, making up more than half of total number of reported cases including HIV deaths.

Another factor contributing to HIV rates was MSM (male-to-male sex), 1,526 of cases in 2018 were found within this demographic. About 39% of those living with HIV in Middlesex County at the time.

“About six point five percent of individuals in Middlesex County identify as LGBT. This includes those who engage in heterosexual or same-sex relations as well as those who engage in only same-sex relations.”

There are many different STD related services within your area depending on your needs. You can find support and treatment info at the Boston Living Center on Stanhope Road in Boston. Or if you are seeking more comprehensive care, HIV and STD testing is offered at Fenway Health in Boston.

There are two locations in Boston that offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases to LGBT individual as well as the greater community. One is on Bolyston Street, and the other is in the south end of Boston, on Berkley Street.

Disadvantages can come with the usage of free STD testing services, proceed with caution when perusing such facilities, as you may not receive the care you were looking for. There may also be extra hidden costs associated with your testing or treatment that were not previously mentioned.

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