What are the STI test options in Massillon,OH?

Despite intense public campaigns by the Stark County Department of Health to reduce HIV infections, the number still rose from 315 at a rate of 100 in 2014 to reach the peak of 395 at a rate of 124 in 2018.

Chlamydia was the most chronic STI in the county with 1,485 infections at a rate of 395.3 in recorded in 2014. The infections surged to 1,706 at a rate of 457.9 in 2018.

County health reports indicated a total number of 7 Massillon residents infected by Syphilis in 2014. This number rose to 34 at a rate of 9.1 in 2018.

Additionally, the county health reports registered 504 Gonorrhoea infections at a rate of 134.2 in 2014, and in 2018, the infections had escalated to 650 at a rate of 174.5.

One of the effective strategies adopted by the Stark County Department of Health in response to the high infections has been referring patients to health care enrollment and navigation services. This has enabled many patients to have access to high-quality drug treatment, overdose prevention, wound care, affordable pre-exposure prophylaxis, and case management services. 

Massillon city has a number of health care centers like Hometown Urgent Care, Planned Parenthood – Canton Health Center where residents may access STD/HIV services.

Residents may also consider Sprenger Health Care of Massillon and  Massillon City Health Department for both STD/HIV treatment and counseling services. 

Few health care facilities in Massillon city offer free STD testing services and you may take advantage of such opportunities. However, you may encounter long wait times due to the high demand for the services and some of the clinics may be situated in inconvenient locations.

Which one is right for you?