What are the STI test options in Brunswick,OH?

Cases of STDs have been highly reported in Brunswick, OH in recent years, representing a high proportion of cases in the whole county. 

In 2017, there were 383 cases of Chlamydia – an increase of 19.7% compared to the 5-year average of 320, most of which affected the 18-24 age group who accounted for 65.3% of all cases. 105 cases – 27.4% – were of residents in Brunswick, OH.

The same year there were 124 cases of chronic hepatitis C, an increase of 19.9% on the 5-year-average, although the 45-64 year age group were most affected, accounting for 37.9% of all cases. Brunswick, OH residents represented 24.2% of the entire county’s caseload, at 30 cases.

There were also 68 cases of gonorrhea in the county, an increase of 47.8% compared to the 5-year average, the 25-34 age group accounted for 39.7% of all gonorrhea cases, the age group most impacted and there were 20 cases in Brunswick, OH accounting for 29.4% of all cases.

White residents accounted for the majority of cases across the board.

“Chlamydia was one of the top communicable diseases treated in 2018 by the Medina County Health Department, as well as being the most reported STD in the entire country. In 2018, the health department treated 365 cases of chlamydia, which represents 38.1% of all communicable disease cases treated that year. The number is down from the previous year’s 383 cases but it is still ranking high of all communicable diseases.”

Brunswick, OH residents who want to get tested for STDs can find a Planned Parenthood in Medina OH, where the Medina County Health Department also treats STDs. 

Alternative facilities can also be found in Parma at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, or Cleveland at the Neighborhood Family Practice’s Puritas Clinic.

Free STD testing may be available although a walk-in option might not exist and may be dependent on income and welfare eligibility.

Which one is right for you?