What are the STI test options in Cleveland,OH?

Although Ohio’s rates of HIV are relatively low, they’re higher than neighboring states like Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky, this includes Cleveland.  In 2016, the city reported a rate of 9.9 cases of HIV per 100,000 people. Along with unprotected sex, drug use is tied in with the rising cases of such STDs as HIV and viral hepatitis.

In 2017 the rates for chlamydia among women alone were reported to be as high as 711 per 100,000 for the population of Ohio. Younger women, between the ages of 15 and 24, are at the highest risk. Primary and secondary syphilis cases also increased in 2017, with the highest risk being faced by gay and bisexual men.

Billboard campaigns have rolled out to spread the word on the danger of STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea.

These billboards use explicit and attention-grabbing imagery to educate the general public on the seriousness of staying safe and getting tested.

There are many testing site options in the city of Cleveland that can even include free STD testing. However, if additional treatment is needed you may still end up having to pay. Care Alliance Health Center can be found at 1530 St. Clair Avenue and 1795 West 25th Street. The AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland offers testing at 2829 Euclid Avenue.

From the Neighborhood Family Practice on Professor Avenue to the Cleveland Department of Public Health on Lorain Avenue, it’s easy to find a testing center.

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STD Statistics In Cuyahoga County, OH



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Cuyahoga County, OH. Data is normalized to accurately report Cuyahoga County STD Breakdown.

Before visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it is important to stop in at one of the STD clinics in Cleveland, Ohio since the city is currently experiencing an increase in the number of reported cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, C, Herpes, Syphilis and HIV. There are several free STD testing centers in Cleveland, OH but the long lines have many residents searching for another option. Now you can schedule private STD testing with one simple phone call and only spend 15 to 20 minutes at the local lab, which still gives you plenty of time to visit the Great Lakes Science Museum or the iconic A Christmas Story House.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Cleveland, OH

Cleveland and surrounding Cuyahoga County are experiencing a bump in reported STDs, and this alarming trend has been occurring over the last twenty years.

While some city leaders point out that the number of Gonorrhea cases actually decreased by 0.1 percent between 2011 and 2012, the rates actually rose in the county. Health officials point out that while this might indicate that the city is reaching residents but, these numbers in no way indicate that the crisis is under control.

Chlamydia rates also appear to be slowing down slightly in Cleveland, but the numbers are still higher than most state averages. Adding to health officials continued concern is the number of teens and young adults that are positive for one or more of these diseases.

Adding to health officials growing concerns over the STD rates in Cleveland, are the statistics that indicate primary and secondary Syphilis are on the rise. The disease, which many people believe was eradicated is now on the rise, and since 2009 Cleveland has seen a dramatic increase in the number of adults who test positive for this STD. Some of the other statistics causing concern among Cleveland officials include;

  • In 2012 there were an estimated 564 cases of Chlamydia co-existing with Gonorrhea reported among teens ages 15 to 19.
  • There were 6,575 females diagnosed with Chlamydia n 2012 compared to 2, 418 men.
  • African Americans have the highest risk of contracting Chlamydia according to 2012 statistics.
  • Gonorrhea affected 1,006 men in 2012 which is slightly lower than the 1,360 women who tested positive.

 STD Testing Cleveland, OH

 STD Testing Cleveland, OH

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Advanced Medical Services


The combined staff at Advanced Medical Services has more than 35 years of experience in health care. They do partner will other facilities but only ones that meet their high stands and are certified by the state.

Testing is done by a licensed technician. They also only work with state and federally approved labs. This ensures accurate results when your results are back in a week or so.


You should call for an appointment. It will save you a lot of time. It only takes a minute and then you are all set to go in at the time you chose. No long waiting periods, you can be in and out in usually less than an hour.

There is a cost associated with testing. You can ask when you call. They will also tell you which insurance is accepted or if you qualify for a reduced fee.


Need antibiotics to treat your STD diagnosis? You can get those here. A counselor will talk to you, along with a nurse. You can request a physician if you have additional questions. If the center is not able to provide effective treatment they will help you find a clinic that can.


Advanced Medical Services not only provides a whole range of health care for residents of all ages, they also test for sexually transmitted infections.

There is a cost involved with their services, though you can use insurance to cover the cost.


5793 Ridge Road Parma, OH 44129





Preterm is more than a women’s sexual health clinic. They work with the LGBTQ community, have wellness programs for everyone and test for STDs.

Many of their staff are volunteers and all work to raise the standards in medical care.

Physicians are usually only available after testing. They will discuss results and treatment with you. Sometimes it can take over 7 days to learn your status but there are counselors to talk to while you wait.


Call or click the “appointment” tab on their web page. You need to let them know you’re coming. There are also fees involved with testing. Most insurance plans will cover it but you can also choose another payment option.


Just because you’re negative for STDs doesn’t mean that the clinic can’t still play a role in helping you maintain your sexual health. PrEP is offered here, along with material that can help you not get a STD.

For those that are positive, antibiotics are often prescribed. You can get those here, along with a routine check up by a physician to make sure the prescription is working.


Preterm is providing complete access to sexual health care to all residents. They even offer financial assistance, if you cannot afford the cost of testing and treatment.

The staff is compassionate and you will never feel judged. They are even open during the evenings one day a week so you might not have to miss work.


12000 Shaker Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44120



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Cleveland


The name is familiar. They have been in the news and have locations in most major cities. Planned Parenthood is one of the most trusted names in sexual health care, and for a good reason. They have over a century of experience.

A technician will take a blood, urine sample or both. then your test is sent to the lab. You will be notified when results are back.


Are you 13 or older? If so, call or book your visit online. They are open 6 days a week, though Saturdays do tend to be one of their busiest times.

There is a fee for testing, though no one will be turned away just because they cannot pay. If you need help with the costs, call the clinic and they can point you towards one of their financial assistance plans.


All STDs, except for viruses, can be treated here. A nurse or physician will see that you leave with antibiotics and a plan to return for a follow up.

While they can’t treat HIV and other viruses, they will help you find someone that can.


Trusted by millions and experienced, Planned Parenthood is one of the few organizations that can claim this.

They will never judge you and you can always expect to be treated by a professional medical staff.

Open on Saturdays, it is convenient if you work during the week. They are also easy to get to, no matter what form of transportation you take.


7997 Euclid Ave Cleveland, OH 44103



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Cleveland,OH

West Side Clinic


The West Side Clinic is part of the Cuyahoga County Health Department. You will have access to health care provided by state licensed medical professionals.

Testing is only for a few hours, one day a week. This is due to the number of other services they provide. A physician might not be able to attend you at this time but a nurse will be there during testing.


The clinic only has STD testing on Tuesdays. Other weekdays, they are devoted to family planning services.

You can come in anytime between noon and 6 pm, every Tuesday. It is first come, first seen so you might want to get there early. You can also get an appointment to ensure that you get in that day.

Fees are income based, even for teens. If you are 13 to 17, the fee will be based on your income and not your parents. For some, testing could be free.


Education, vaccinations and antibiotics are part of the treatment the clinic can dispense. They are not able to handle some viruses. If your diagnosis is beyond the scope of the clinic, you will be sent to one of the other facilities in their network or a physician of your choosing.


The West Side Clinic is growing in popularity with residents. This is mainly due to their professional attitude and the fact that fees are based solely on your income. Many clients find that they do not have to pay at all.

Appointments are best, it ensures that you do not have to come back next week. They are also on a public bus route and have ample parking.


5550 Ventura Drive Parma, OH 44130



J Glen Smith Health Center


Cleveland Department of Public Health is here to help you. They provide several services, along with vital information on health problems in the area. They even have a daycare for working parents or if you need to have your child watched while you get tested.

You will probably only see the licensed technician when you come in. There are physicians but you usually have to wait to see one until results are back.


The one thing you do not want to forget is a valid i.d. You need this to register and get tested for STDs. Appointments are not necessary and if you can’t make it during the day, they are open late on Tuesdays.

You do need to meet age requirements, 13 or older. Testing can also be free for some residents, otherwise there is a small fee.


Antibiotics are used used to treat some sexual infections. If this is what you need, the clinic will give you a prescription. There is also a pharmacy where the ‘script can be filled. Other STDs that need further care will be directed to a specialized clinic or to your own physician.


The Cleveland Department of Health among its many services does have STD testing. Just don’t forget your i.d. If you do not have it, you won’t be seen.

Tuesdays, the center is open late. For many that work during the week this is the best time for them to go. This also means a longer than normal wait.


11100 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, OH 44108



Closed the 3rd Wednesday of the month after 12 pm.

Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

AHF Wellness Center


AHF Wellness Center is a proven health care provider for many residents and their families in the city. They have technicians and nurses on staff, along with rotating physicians.

Coming in for testing can take awhile. It is only available for about 41/2 hours during the week. It can take awhile to be seen but results are usually back in a few days.


Testing is free for everyone. No questions asked. The only requirement is that no one under 13 can be tested without permission from a parent.

Free testing is only for a few hours, one day a week, so it is best if you get there early.


You will be notified when results are in. You should know that they only test for and do not treat sexually transmitted diseases.

If you need help finding a treatment center, the staff will supply you with a list of ones in the area. You can also ask to have your diagnosis sent over to your own physician.


AFH Wellness Center has partner with an express STD testing lab. This allows you to get your results back sooner than at some other clinics.

Testing is free, though they only offer this for a few hours on Mondays. Be prepared for potentially long waits and plenty of company.


2829 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Cleveland, OH

One of the reasons cited for the high STD rates in Cleveland is the state’s policy on sexual education classes in school. While the federal government does award schools that implement the approved abstinence only program, the state does not require its education system to include any type of classes.

Since there is not a standardized sexual education program in place in any of the public schools the rate of teen pregnancies and positive STD test results is continuing to rise. To combat this growing problem some educators are taking it upon themselves to implement a sexual education program, but without full support from state and city leaders it is hard to reach all of the students.

The lack of sex education classes is also making it difficult for students and parents to understand all of the dangers associated with unprotected sex.

Regular Herpes testing in Cleveland can prevent its spread, and it can also stop embarrassing cold sores from forming. Regular HIV testing in Cleveland is also vital to your health.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Cleveland, OH

Demographics also play a role in the STD rates, and this includes all social economic aspects.

The lack of education is putting teens and young adults at risk, and the high number of students who are testing positive for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are proof that more needs to be done.

Lower income neighborhoods are also seeing a rise in STD rates, often a result of an inability to afford regular testing, along with a shortage of community health clinics. These same neighborhoods are also experiencing a rise in reported drug use, and many officials are blaming this on the dramatic return of Syphilis. Intravenous drug use and other risky behaviors are also causing HIV rates to increase around Cleveland.

Shame and embarrassment are making it difficult for some residents to agree to regular testing, and these same feelings are causing some people to not admitting that they might have a STD. Discrimination against HIV/AIDS suffers is still strong in some Cleveland neighborhoods, and this can cause many people to avoid regular testing for fear of being noticed by a friend or family member.

Until Cleveland’s city leaders begin to address this growing problem and create a comprehensive sexual education for residents and students sexually transmitted diseases with continue to be a problem.

STD Testing Cleveland, OH

Better Sexual Health in Cleveland, OH

Before you “rock out” at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have a STD screening done. If long lines has you continually putting off this important health step, there is another alternative that is quick, easy, and private. Some HIV public clinics aren’t able to provide you with anonymous testing, since it’s clear why you’re there.

There are affordable STI testing centers nearby that offer confidential results in a discreet environment.


Affordable Same Day STD Testing in the Cleveland area with Results in 1-2 Days

Peace of mind is just a click awayDon't wait any longer than necessary to find out the status of your sexual health. If your test results are positive, seeking treatment sooner can make all the difference.


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