What are the STI test options in Dayton,OH?

In Montgomery County alone, there were 3,156 cases of Chlamydia in 2017. Montgomery County also reported 1,346 cases of Gonorrhea that same year. The numbers reported for STDs in Montgomery County are the highest they’ve been in ten years.

Health officials in Montgomery County say that most people infected with STDs don’t know they’re infected, and so they’ve reached out to encourage local doctors to talk to patients about STDs, whether the patients come in for testing or not.

The city of Dayton and the surrounding area takes care of its citizens by providing some public locations for STD testing, including Planned Parenthood on Wilkinson Street. There are also private facilities that are ready to help. Best of all, most are easily accessible by bus or car. 

You can even find some testing centers within walking distance, especially if you live by the city’s university. Free STD testing at some centers can even be located simply by asking when scheduling an appointment. Though you may have to wait to get in.

Which one is right for you?