What are the STI test options in Green,OH?

For four years, since 2014, Summit County has been recording rising numbers of STDs, and one of the devastated areas is Green town. As STD counts continue to increase, Summit County Health officials have bolstered efforts to mitigate the situation.

According to a 2014-2018 health surveillance report by the Summit County Public Health, chlamydia rates rose by 28.3% over the four years. In 2014, the rate was 495.9, while in 2018, it jumped to 636.7.

Additionally, there were 1,119 gonorrhea cases in 2018, as compared to 953 incidences reported in 2014. Syphilis cases have also rose steadily, from 28 to 75 in 2014 and 2018 respectively.

The Summit County Public Health Department operated the STD Prevention Grant Program, which aims to provide routine STD screening services, early detection, and partner notifications. This initiative also hopes to offer STD/HIV treatment, community outreach programs, and funding for Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS).

STD services in Green town are accessible at the Summit County Public Health clinic at 739 Graham Rd or the Fairway Health Center along W Market St. These clinics may provide high-quality STD services and education to clients to help prevent further spread of STDs.

Alternatively, you can go to Equitas Health at 1815 W Market St, where you may get HIV testing, which takes 20 minutes. Also, Canapi Medical Center, situated along W Market St, might provide HIV screening and testing, which may take 15 minutes.

Other clinics around Green town may provide free STD testing, but with disadvantages. In some of them, costs might not be upfront and they may open during inconsistent times. 

Which one is right for you?