What are the STI test options in Paradise,NV?

HIV rates are increasing in Clark County, Nevada, where Paradise is, according to the group Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN). In fact, about 10,000 people in the region live with HIV or AIDS.

The numbers are dismal for other STDs, too. For example, syphilis is a troubling issue in the region, and Clark County has the highest syphilis infection rates in the United States.

Officials from the Southern Nevada Health District also point out that Clark County is second in the country for rates of syphilis present at birth, called congenital syphilis. No matter the STD,  be it gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV or something else, Clark County ranks above the national average.

AFAN works to prevent AIDS deaths, and the group cites the stigma associated with HIV as a major factor that keeps people from seeking out testing and related services.

Health officials say that at least one HIV or AIDS case is diagnosed every 24 hours in Clark County.

Free STD testing is available in the Paradise area and in Clark County. Low-cost and sliding-scale testing are also available.

However, there can be cons to visiting clinics that provide such services. For instance, people may know why you are at the clinic, and you might have to wait a while to find out the results. The hours could be inconvenient, and you might not be able to make an appointment.

It’s also possible that a clinic offers a limited slate of tests, and you would prefer to get a comprehensive assortment of tests.

Which one is right for you?