What are the STI test options in Sunrise Manor,NV?

Sunrise Manor is part of the township of Las Vegas – probably the party capital of the entire country. Often alongside party culture come some rather uncomfortable truths regarding sexual health. Clark County is suffering from an unprecedented crisis with regards to sexually transmitted diseases. 

Statistics show that 425 of every 100,000 people in Clark County was living with HIV. That makes Clark County not only the city with the highest rate of people living with HIV in the county – but in the entire country. Figures show that 83% of positive diagnoses were in the male population of the county.

Health officials have concluded that the data suggests those who are sexually active in Sunrise Manor are at an unusually high risk of contracting STDs. There are high incidences of all sexually transmitted diseases in Clark County:

  • 77% of all Chlamydia cases in Nevada in 2017 were in Clark County
  • 83% of all Gonorrhea cases in Nevada in 2017 were in Clark County
  • 89% of all Syphilis cases in Nevada in 2017 were in Clark County

Clerk County health officials are taking decisive action to educate the people of Sunrise Manor about how regular STD testing can prevent fatal illnesses.

While the sexual health epidemic in the area surrounding Sunrise Manor is critical, there are a number of options at your disposal if you need help. There are some services provided by the state which offer free contraception, free std testing, confidential advice and counseling. These facilities are useful but may only be open for a couple of hours on a Monday and Tuesday.

The STD clinic at The Center is adjacent to the arts district but tucked away in a side street for discretion. This clinic is dedicated to treating the people of Sunrise Manor’s sexual health.

On the outskirts of Mayfair there is the Nevada Health Center where you will be seen only by a Medical Doctor. From your consultation to any care you may require over the phone or by email, you will have one primary care practitioner.

Which one is right for you?