What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in South Euclid,OH?

Vital statistics report on STD in Sidney has shown three most dominant sexually transmitted diseases; chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis that has progressively increased annually. These incidences could be zeroed out if all stake holders put their hands on the decks.

According to South Euclid –Cuyahoga County Department of Health 982 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in 2017. This makes the total number of people living positively 23,000 up from 8,000 in 1997. Chlamydia, the most common STD has disproportionately affected women who stand at the rate of 705.2 while men are at 328.8.

Chlamydia incidences classified by race show great impact on the blacks/African Americans, native Hawaiians, multiracial and Indian Americans who are at 1544.1, 519.7, 473.0 and 235.0 cases per 100,000. Despite these rates being high, they are unacceptable with the disease treatable and curable.

South Euclid –Cuyahoga County Health Department is aggressively working towards STD eradication in line with its mission of promoting health for its people. People are advised to go for regular STD testing even with or without symptoms so long as they as sexually active. Abstinences is taught in school although other comprehensive talks are encouraged.

If you’re a resident of South Euclid, there are a number of public health centers one can visit for STD testing services such as Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services Incorporated in Superior and Cleveland. Furthermore, you can consider visiting the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

Moreover, some health centers within South Euclid might render offer free STD testing, but clinics might open and operate ate inconvenient hours or they may require you to pay for doctor consultation services. Besides, walk-in options might not be an option or you may be required to make an early appoint.