What are the STI test options in Coppell,TX?

Coppell city has played a vital role in the growing numbers of STD cases in Dallas County. Chlamydia incidences grew from 13,709 in 2009 at a rate of 584.3 per 100,000 cases to 15,176 in 2016 at a rate of 589.4 per 100,000 cases.

Similarly, Gonorrhea cases rose from the 4,258 incidences reported in 2009 at a rate of 181.5 per 100,000 cases to the 5,775 incidences recorded in 2016.

Syphilis incidences also increased from 1,495 incidences in 2009 to 1,604 incidences with a rate of 62.3 per 100,000 cases. Dallas County had the highest rate of people living with HIV; 690.3 per 100,000 cases.

The Dallas County Health Director reported that as many as 400 people had been turned away because of the clinic’s inability to keep up with the demand in the past two years.

Planned Parenthood-Lewisville Health Center located in Main Street, Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Empire Central Dr, Dallas, and Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services are some of the available options where you can get tested.

Other STD testing options you could look up include Denton South Center in 35 E Ste 210, Denton, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas located in Stemmon S Freeway, Dallas, and Parkland Health and Hospital System-Amelia Court Clinic in Amelia Ct, Dallas.

Some of these facilities offer free STD testing services, but you have to be uninsured to be eligible. Walk-in options for these some of these cases might also not exist.

Which one is right for you?