What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Suwanee,GA?

Suwanee, GA, is a city in Gwinnett County. Based on hearth records in the past few years, HIV/STD infections have been alarming in the county. Public Health data indicates an increase in HIV infections from 1,247 in 2014 to 2,379 cases in 2019.

The Health Department has been working to eradicate STDs in the county. However, STD cases have remained consistent for the past few years. In the report, Chlamydia infections rose from 3,040 in 2014 to 4,073 in 2018.
Gonorrhea was at a steady increase.

According to the Public Health Gwinnett County report, Gonorrhea cases rose from 581 in 2014 to 922 in 2018. On the other hand, Syphilis cases increased from 219 in 2014 to 306 in 2018.     

Gwinnett County Health Departments has been working tirelessly to provide prevention materials to health facilities in Suwanee city and Gwinnett County for PLWHA. Gwinnett County Health Departments has also dedicated a memorable day on the calendar to highlight the work going on across the country to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and educate the public on the impact of HIV/AIDS on young people.     

Planned Parenthood – Gwinnett Health Center and Peachtree Pediatric Urgent Care are some of Suwanee’s facilities, GA, that provides HIV/STD services. Although, residents might opt to visit other clinics such as Northside Hospital Gwinnett and Gwinnett Medical Center.

Most of the medical centers might offer free STD testing. However, many people don’t know that sometimes results might not be immediate, and you may be required to book an appointment.