What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Sugar Hill,GA?

Sugar Hill in Gwinnett County, Georgia is one of the cities that are doing poorly in sexually transmitted prevalence. There has been a noted increase with Georgia ranking top five for chlamydia at 5th position, gonorrhea at 3rd and P&S syphilis at 4th position. The statewide infection rate is gruesome, higher than national rates.

The 2016 CDC STD Report document 62,776 new cases of chlamydia at the rate of 614.6 with the N.R at 497 cases per 100,000 people. Gonorrhea had 20,553 incidences at 201.2 way above 146 the N.R WHILE primary and secondary syphilis had 1,350 cases at the rate of 13.2 cases per 100,000 people compared to the national rate of 9(2016).

CDC is warning of a public health emergency following STD resurgence; more than two thirds of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases are females while 85% of syphilis cases are males 15-30 years, black and having sex with other men.

Georgia CDC’s Division of STD Prevention has rolled out measures to curb tragic system failure that has resulted in increased STD incidences in Sugar Hill city. Health officials say that a simple teste and an antibiotic prescription as treatment is all it takes to prevent irreversible healthy outcomes.

Public STD testing services are available at Buford Health Center on 2755 Suwanee avenue, Suwanee-Gwinnett Clinic on Lawrenceville Suwanee road 2650 and Cumming Family Medical Center along 260 Elms street.

Some local clinics within Sugar Hill might provide free STD testing services to people, but the criteria of offering these service may on income level or the area of your jurisdiction. Furthermore, the STD tests done by these clinics might not be comprehensive and some of them may attract an extra charge.