What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Canton,GA?

Canton, Georgia has been experiencing a public health emergency following the mushrooming numbers of the sexually transmitted infections over the past five years. The state has been on the 5 top list of new diagnosis for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

The CDC Surveillance report of 2016 has shocking statistics that calls on the state and federal government to realign their STD control programs. There were 62,776 cases of chlamydia at fifth position nationally at the rate of 614.6. 20,553 cases of gonorrhea in the third position at 201.2 and syphilis at 1,350 cases fourth with 13.2 rate.

In comparison with CDC report of 2015, Georgia was 6th at 570.8 for chlamydia, 2nd for syphilis at 14 and 7th for gonorrhea with 158.3 per 100,000. Clearly, there has been a steep increase with Canton, a densely populated town leading within the state in new infections.

Georgia Department of Public Health has embarked on mass education programs. Health officials are sent to educate the community on the existence of STDs, health impact if untreated and undiagnosed, treatment methods, STD prevention measures and avoidance of risky sexual behavior among many things.

STD testing is a great milestone towards STD prevention and control. The following public health centers offer the services; the Canton Family Health Center on Oak side Lane 22Q, Canton and the Cherokee County Health Department under North Georgia Health District on Univeter road address 30115.

Even though local clinics might offer free STD testing services to the general public, some of them might not support walk-in options and they may use your welfare to determine service eligibility. Furthermore, the clinics may operate at inconvenient hours and doctor consultation might not be available.